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Social Media Aggregator: Why Brands Should Use It?

by rigotechnology



If you use various social media marketing strategies for your business, you must be familiar with the infamous UGC (user-generated content), which could mean an image, a video, a text, or audio — basically any form of content posted by a user.

Many businesses have started using UGC from their customers, who post about them as the content to increase brand engagement and trust.

People find it easier to trust real-life experiences over high-quality content posted by businesses. When your customers are present across various social media platforms, it might be difficult to collect UGC.

This is where Social Media Aggregators come to the rescue by helping you collect all the UGC in one place. Read on to understand what a social media aggregator is.

What Is A Social Media Aggregator?



The process of collecting content from various social media platforms and bringing it all together in one place is known as social media aggregation.

But how is it relevant to you? As mentioned earlier, UGC has become a very reliable source for businesses to boost brand engagement and to collect the UGC.

To understand the concept further, you must know its uses. So read on to find out more.

Uses Of Social Media Aggregators

#1 Create Social Proof

When you encourage a happy customer to post about your product, and your potential customers see it, more people are more likely to trust your brand.

When more people turn to your brand, it creates a sense of social proof — something that is established after seeing your customers’ real-life experience with your product.

Indeed, most people rely on reviews before deciding on buying a product.

#2 Save Your Time 

With so many social platforms, it might be difficult to collect all the UGC available on the internet. Even if you try to collect it manually, it will take plenty of time and effort.

Social media aggregation tools make it easy for you to gather all the relevant data from multiple social media platforms in one place.

#3 Engage Your Audience

When you collect user-generated content with the help of social media aggregators and use it, you are encouraging more customers to use your brand’s hashtag.

This helps in increasing audience engagement and attracting potential customers. Moreover, it creates a connection between the audience and the brand.

#4 Stand Out From The Competition

When brands spend lots of money on different marketing strategies, the pressure of creating new and engaging content can be very overwhelming.

Social media aggregators allow your brand to stand out. While you sit and focus on your business, these aggregators collect content for you from different social media platforms, ready to post.

#5 Display On Social Walls

The content collected by social media aggregators can be used for many purposes to create engagement. One such way is to display the content on social walls at any event. While you do so, you can customize your wall’s theme and template according to your liking to attract the audience.

When an event is ongoing, and you start a hashtag campaign using a specific hashtag, you are encouraging people to use it because people like seeing their name on display. With that, you are also attracting more people to show interest in your event.

#6 Create Shoppable Feed

Another good feature of social media aggregators is collecting photographs and videos just with your branded hashtag. When you have an eCommerce business, and a customer uses your product and posts a picture using it, the aggregator collects it for you.

You can embed it on the product page of the website. When visitors see customers’ real-life experiences, they are more likely to buy the product due to the trust they have in the brand.

#7 Discover Social Media Trends

There is no better source to understand social media trends or what is being discussed lately more than from the users. When social media aggregators collect content relevant to you, you get to see what your customers have to talk about.

The latest posts will tell you about the latest trends and what your brand can do to improvise so that you can remain relevant no matter how many trends come and go.

Over To You

As time goes by, more people are adopting user-generated content to improve their brand image. With just the right social media aggregator tool, you can do the same.

These are just a few uses of social media aggregators. You will be missing out on a lot if you haven’t included them in your marketing strategy already.

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