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60 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes in 2022

by rigotechnology

Are you looking for the best Minimalist WordPress themes?

The majority of WP themes are for business sites, focusing on sales rather than readability. However, as a writer, you want a simple theme to use and emphasize your content.

Minimalist design has been present for a long time. But it has recently become fashionable due to the popularity of Material Design and Flat Design. These have influenced designers. Minimalistic design is here to stay, and more and more websites are following suit. Now is the perfect time to create a minimalistic website for your company, portfolio, blog, magazine, or other venture.

A suitable minimalist theme includes:

  • Complex slider plugins
  • Social media widgets
  • Overpowering animations

This post includes WordPress themes that you can use on various websites. The focus of minimalist themes is on your content rather than design features. Nonetheless, these themes appear amazing even without excessive effects and design components.

This article will discuss some of the best minimalist WP themes for writers and bloggers.


  • 1 Minimalist WordPress Theme – What is it?
  • 2 How To Choose a Theme for My Website?
  • 3 60 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes
  • 4 1. Monochrome Pro
  • 5 2. Gallery Pro
  • 6 3. Hestia
  • 7 4. SeedProd
  • 8 5. Elegant
  • 9 6. Divi
  • 10 7. Astra
  • 11 8. OceanWP
  • 12 9. Minimalist Blogger by SuperbThemes
  • 13 10. Eclipse
  • 14 11. Dixie
  • 15 12. Boulder
  • 16 13. Thinker
  • 17 14. WP Diary
  • 18 15. Border
  • 19 16. Didi
  • 20 17. MinimalistBlogger by Themeforest
  • 21 18. Kalium
  • 22 19. Jevelin
  • 23 20. Soledad
  • 24 21. Gillion
  • 25 22. Folie
  • 26 23. Adios
  • 27 24. Arnold
  • 28 25. Webify
  • 29 26. Uncode
  • 30 27. Uniq
  • 31 28. Massive Dynamic
  • 32 29. Studio 8
  • 33 30. Boldlab
  • 34 31. Manon
  • 35 32. Ekko
  • 36 33. Merchandiser
  • 37 34. Opta
  • 38 35. Sea
  • 39 36. Zoli
  • 40 37. Proton
  • 41 38. Bridge
  • 42 39. Ocularus
  • 43 40. Xstore
  • 44 41. Petal
  • 45 42. Remake
  • 46 43. Veen
  • 47 44. Metro
  • 48 45. June
  • 49 46. Air
  • 50 47. Oliver
  • 51 48. Pekko
  • 52 49. Esben
  • 53 50. Art
  • 54 51. Ultra
  • 55 52. Tinos
  • 56 53. Pepper+
  • 57 54. Author Pro
  • 58 55. Britanny
  • 59 56. Neve
  • 60 57. Hive
  • 61 58. Atmosphere Pro
  • 62 59. Corner
  • 63 60. Wisteria
  • 64 Conclusion

Minimalist WordPress Theme – What is it?

A minimalist WordPress theme is designed to be as simple as possible. The purpose of minimalist themes is to use many effects and the least adornment, which gives the appearance of a clean website.

These themes are popular among creatives. Such as photographers and writers because of their sleek and modern style. But, they do look excellent, and you can use them on any website.

Because user tasks are simplified, minimalist themes can help lower your bounce rate if used effectively. The website’s clutter-free design is appealing and effective. It also improves the user experience.

Writers and photographers, for example, use minimalist themes on their websites because these themes focus on the most important features while excluding anything that may distract users.

If you’ve decided on a minimalist WP theme, keep reading to find out how to pick the best one for your website.

How To Choose a Theme for My Website?

Choosing the correct theme for your website is usually a matter of personal taste and industry. Some themes aren’t suitable for all niches. But, if you’re looking for a theme for your website, here’s a decent list of things to look for:

  • Is the theme completely mobile-friendly and responsive?
  • Is it suited for your field?
  • Easy modification has a drag-and-drop page builder (or integrates with a page builder).
  • It isn’t bloated and won’t slow down your site.
  • All major browsers support it.
  • It will support popular WordPress plugins.
  • Is search engine optimized?
  • The possibility to choose appealing colors and fonts is included.
  • Does the theme multilingually capable.
  • When you need help, it provides support alternatives.

All the minimalist themes on our list include most of these essential features. So let’s have a look at them right now.

60 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

1. Monochrome Pro

Image Showing Monochroe Pro Theme

Monochrome Pro by StudioPress comes in first on our list of the finest minimalist WP themes. The eye-catching style is appealing, and the customizing options are fantastic.


  • Monochrome Pro supports the automatic setup and import of sample demo content and supports the use of recommended plugins.
  • Includes a theme customizer that allows you to tweak the colors and settings of your site.
  • The real-time previewer allows you to see changes as they happen.
  • Support for WooCommerce allows you to set up an online store. Now you can increase earnings by integrating live WooCommerce sales notifications.

2. Gallery Pro

Image Showing Gallery Pro Theme

StudioPress describes Gallery Pro as a classy yet minimalist theme. When you take a look at it, you’ll see why. This fullscreen option features excellent typography and a tonne of customizing choices.


  • Many widget sections with varying degrees of flexibility
  • Previews in real-time
  • It includes pre-made page templates.
  • Background images, colors, and other content can all be customized.

3. Hestia

Image Showing Hestia Pro Theme

Hestia is a sleek and modern one-page theme from ThemeIsle. This theme is so configurable and flexible that you can use it for any website. As a result, it’s one of ThemeIsle’s most popular themes, with several 5-star reviews.


  • Focus on speed and efficiency.
  • Page builder compatibility with WooCommerce design
  • Starter sites are included for quick setup.

4. SeedProd

Image Showing Seedprod Theme

SeedProd is the best WordPress page builder. You don’t need to use a developer to design a minimalist custom appearance for your website using SeedProd. It includes over 150+ designed templates to help you get up and running. Also, the templates are customizable.

SeedProd allows you to customize the design and functionality of your site to your liking. With the press of a button, you may delete any current template element or add new elements using its ready-made page blocks.


  • Drag and drop functionality is simple to use.
  • Layout navigation and live previews
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Code that isn’t bloated and won’t slow down your site
  • Built-in and maintenance modes will be available soon.
  • WooCommerce and email marketing services Integration
  • Font combinations and a variety of color schemes

5. Elegant

Image Showing Elegant Theme

Elegant by Themify is a beautiful multipurpose theme. It makes our list of the finest minimalist WordPress themes. This is due to its content-centric approach. It’s a simple, beautiful WP theme with a clean and slick style and a strong focus on stunning typography.


  • Backgrounds that you create yourself
  • Display your work in a portfolio option
  • 100% responsive
  • Ready for eCommerce
  • Ready for eCommerce
  • There are a variety of masonry grid layouts to choose from.
  • Customization of color
  • It includes page templates.

6. Divi

Image Showing Divi Theme

Elegant Themes’ Divi is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme. You can transform it into a minimalist design. You may construct any type of layout for your site with its excellent built-in drag and drop builder. Plus, if you don’t like any of the pre-built Divi layouts, you can always look through a list of the best Divi child themes.


  • It includes support.
  • An excellent drag-and-drop visual builder.
  • You can save and reuse custom layouts.
  • Split testing (A/B).
  • Complete personalization is available.
  • There are 20 pre-built layouts and templates available.

7. Astra

Image Showing Astra Theme

Astra is another fantastic multipurpose theme. It is simple to set up, loads quickly, and supports a minimalist design. You can rapidly construct a professional and great-looking business website with this theme. It’s ideal for novices and anyone entering into eCommerce.


  • It includes support.
  • Insanely quick.
  • With 1-click setup website templates, you can create a website in minutes.
  • Support for WooCommerce in online stores.
  • It’s completely adaptable.

8. OceanWP

Image Showing Oceanwp Theme

OceanWP is another swift minimalist-style theme on our list. It allows you to have complete control over the appearance of your website without having to get too technical.


  • It supports popular page builders for easy site construction.
  • Support for WooCommerce.
  • Completely adaptable.
  • Custom widgets and image sliders
  • Excellent client service.
  • There are no restrictions on color schemes.

9. Minimalist Blogger by SuperbThemes

Image Showing Superbtheme

SuperbThemes’ MinimalistBlogger is an inexpensive theme with a lot of great features. It also has a sleek, eye-catching style and is very adjustable. In addition, it’s fast and SEO-optimized, like the rest of SuperbThemes gorgeous themes.


  • Make your site’s first impression magnificent, memorable, and like how you imagined it with custom header text or logo.
  • You can change the color of the header background.
  • Use the Recent Posts widget to display your recent content to encourage user engagement.
  • Google Fonts is a simple way to access a wide range of fonts.
  • You may change the colors in various areas to give you complete control over the look of your website.
  • Template for a full-width page.

10. Eclipse

Image Showing Eclipse Theme

WPZoom’s Eclipse is popular among many photographers and bloggers looking for the best minimalist WP theme. It’s straightforward but packed with functionality. As a result, it helps you make a big impression without overwhelming your visitors.


  • It has a visual customizer. For example, it allows you to change the theme’s colors and typography to match your branding.
  • It’s responsive, so it looks great on any device.
  • Slider with rotating featured photos.
  • If you want to sell anything online, you’ll need WooCommerce support.
  • A theme options panel allows you to customize every aspect of your theme.
  • An Instagram widget allows you to display your Instagram posts on your website. While also driving traffic to your social media profiles to gain new followers.

11. Dixie

Image Showing Dixie Theme

Dixie is an excellent minimalist theme to consider if you’re podcasting. It has a great audio player and is compatible with many podcasting plugins.


  • Compatibility with Elementor’s page builder
  • The fullscreen design gives the impression of being more modern.
  • The masonry layout is a popular choice.
  • Add a show host page with ease.
  • It includes video support.
  • It is entirely responsive (it is essential for podcasting themes since people listen on mobile often).
  • SEO-friendly and speed-optimized.
  • Pagination can be scrolled indefinitely.

12. Boulder

Image Showing Boulder Theme

It’s challenging to get a minimalist design for an online business. But the Boulder theme succeeds admirably. It has an awesome full-width featured picture slider with CTA buttons. It can help you increase purchases or email subscribers, but it’s also minimalist.


  • Import a demo with a single click
  • Adjustable theme to match the colors and design of your company.
  • Their page builder is included.
  • Simple to use
  • If you want to create an online store, WooCommerce is ready to go.
  • It’s mobile-responsive, which means it’ll look fantastic on any device.

13. Thinker

Image Showing Thinker Theme

It keeps things simple and helps the viewer focus on what matters most – your content. It works well as a blog, portfolio, or even a CV theme for WordPress.


  • Translation-ready
  • Import a demo with a single click to quickly get your site up and running.
  • It supports the famous Elementor page builder.
  • Documentation is extensive, and there is a lot of help available.
  • WooCommerce support and responsive design
  • Customizable widgetized areas

14. WP Diary

Image Showing Wp Diary Theme

WP Diary is the next theme among the best minimalist WordPress themes. This WordPress blog theme is both feminine and stunning and is responsive. It also has a free version, so if you’re seeking free clean WordPress themes, look at this one.


  • For a one-of-a-kind look, use custom typography.
  • Ideal for blog designs
  • Retina-ready \sSEO-optimized
  • Includes a built-in live customizer that allows you to see your changes in real-time.
  • There is an infinite number of primary color possibilities to match your theme to your brand.

15. Border

Image Showing Border Theme

Border, a minimalist WordPress theme, pushes the significant full-screen trend even further. It’s a super-slim WordPress theme. It is perfect for people who want a site that prioritizes photos and aesthetics.


  • A striking minimalist design with a full-width display.
  • loading times are quick
  • SEO-optimized
  • responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Page transitions that are animated for a seamless look

16. Didi

Image Showing Didi Theme

We can’t determine whether its most attractive feature is how beautiful it looks or how simple it is to install. Purchasing this theme grants access to all 18 of the prominent web design firm’s themes. It’s also an excellent choice for a fashion or lifestyle blog.


  • The site is fully responsive, so it looks fantastic on any device.
  • Widget section in the bottom that you can customize
  • Integrates with the famous Beaver Builder, Elementor, and SiteOrigin page builders. This keeps users on your site longer and looking at more of your content.
  • In the WordPress customizer, you may see a live preview.
  • Includes four pre-built layout templates so you can get your site up and running quickly.

17. MinimalistBlogger by Themeforest

Image Showing Minimalistblogger Theme By Themeforest

MinimalistBlogger by ThemeEverest is one of the greatest minimalist WordPress blog themes. It is also on many lists of writers’ best minimalist WordPress themes. But works great for all websites.

Because it’s free, it doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles that paid themes to do. But if you’re looking for something that does the job for no cost, this is one of the best free WP themes available.


  • Minimalistic design with a newspaper-like feel that is SEO-friendly.
  • This is a fantastic responsive WordPress theme that works across all platforms.
  • Customize the widget area
  • For authors, bloggers, and writers, a portfolio layout works nicely.

18. Kalium

Image Showing Kalium Theme

Check out Kalium if you’re looking for a minimalist WP theme to promote your portfolio or blog. This theme comes with a professional content builder plugin that allows users to customize their websites. In addition, thanks to the .mo and .po files and the WPML multilingual plugin, Kalium is multilingual.

There’s also a Personalized Style for your portfolio, and each template has its own unique minimalist aesthetic. There is something for everyone in this theme. A clever Revolution Slider has been integrated, giving the user more versatility. You may make something unique by editing your animations or transitions.

Kalium also boasts a LayerSlider, which rounds up the impressive list of capabilities. You can use it to create:

  • Stunning galleries
  • Well-organized slide displays
  • Engaging content sliders
  • Eye-catching effects

All this example content is included with the theme at no extra cost. Every customer will choose their mouse style and other eye-catching effects. It’s up to you whether you want a modest appearance or something more opulent.

19. Jevelin

Image Showing Jevelin Theme

Jevelin is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is bright and simple. The tool is also ready for use as a blogging platform, with various distinct blog layouts to pick from. You get five different custom post formats with Jevelin, including:

  • Gallery
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Gorgeous custom author page templates

These help you present yourself to your audience and convenient social media sharing functionality. This function is built right into a series of handsome buttons you can work with. With Jevelin, you’ll have the ideal platform for creating simple websites.

20. Soledad

Image Showing Soledad Theme

Soledad is a simple and elegant WordPress blog and magazine theme. However, it’s a powerful and adaptable theme. It was created with meticulous care and attention to detail. It is the product of a minimalist design philosophy combined with profound multi-conceptuality. This allows Soledad to adapt to any magazine or blog purpose, field, industry, or concept with ease.

Soledad astonishes with its simplicity and quickness. It enables webmasters of any ability level to create appealing and simple websites. These websites are fast-loading, resourceful, and search engine optimized right out of the box. Also, you can create them in minutes with no coding knowledge necessary.

It includes elegant features like :

  • A featured video background
  • Three different and impressive Portfolio styles
  • Five different and impressive Article Layout options
  • Three different and impressive Sidebar Layout options
  • A wealth of other customizable features and premium plugins

These are deployed in an appealing and aesthetically minimalist fashion. These features make Soledad a perfect theme for blogs or magazines of any scale or size. So today, give Soledad a try, and you’ll be pleased by its simplicity!

21. Gillion

Image Showing Gillion Theme

Gillion is a minimalist WordPress blog theme that is easy to use. Gillion is the best theme for showing your articles in a stunning style. It’s quick to set up and easy to change. Thanks to extensive documentation and well-structured code. There are no extraneous effects or distracting features that draw visitors’ attention away from the content.

Gillion is an SEO and translation-friendly theme. It will help you attract more visitors to your website. All major mobile and desktop browsers have been tuned to load the theme quickly.

Gillion has you covered on all fronts. So if you ever get stuck on something, you’ll be able to get professional help. All thanks to Gillion’s excellent customer care.

22. Folie

Image Showing Folie Theme

Folie is the most perfect live-editing WordPress theme on the market. It is simple and intuitive, with the least responsive layout. It makes use of the fantastic WPBakery Page Builder and requires no coding knowledge! Folie was created with modes for both inexperienced and advanced users. You can also use pre-designed elements or make your own from scratch. Folie makes it simple to copy and paste elements by using Page2page communication. It’s the first theme to save prior modifications with a single click!

It allows you to create an unlimited number of layouts in both boxed and full-width formats. It includes paid plugins such as MailChimp (forms) and Slider Revolution (galleries). It also offers WooCommerce shop integration and WPML translation compatibility. Folie provides free updates and support. This theme was built with speed and SEO in mind. It works with a wide range of browsers and screen sizes. Also, check out its fantastic media library! Folie’s image quality is pixel-perfect and will astound you! With all its well-crafted features, you can take charge of your ideas. Import it with a single click! Get Folie!

23. Adios

Image Showing Adios Theme

Adios is a WordPress multipurpose website theme. It can create a portfolio website that is simple to use and extremely configurable. It’s ideal for creating an expressive site that’s both fast-loading and detail-oriented. It offers a seamless visual interface that welcomes visitors and guides them through valuable information in a fun way.

To that end, Adios has been designed to be both lightweight and fast-loading. It has some of the fastest load times of any theme on the market today. It also has a simple visual aesthetic that puts your visual content front and center of your pages while keeping everything else neat and tidy. This ensures that your users don’t drift away from it and get the most out of it. Adios’ design incorporates a minimalist philosophy. This includes the maxim “less is more” at every turn. It results in sites that look sophisticated, completely smooth, and clean. The Adios theme is SEO-friendly and loads quickly. Say goodbye to every other theme with Adios!

24. Arnold

Image Showing Arnold Theme

Arnold is a WordPress theme for creating a minimalist portfolio. It allows animation and works with Retina-Ready HD goods. Because Arnold is WooCommerce compatible, it is well suited for online businesses. It has an SEO-optimized search toolbar as part of its functionality. It is possible to translate using .po files. It has a responsive layout and offers free upgrades regularly. It includes:

  • More than four columns
  • An organized sidebar for publishing
  • Eight demos

It includes 14 promotion tags, many layouts, and eight headers. It takes advantage of the LazyLoad image to provide a relaxing experience. Twitter is one of the social media sharing buttons.

Theme modification is available as part of the premium offerings. For extra pages, Arnold uses a drag-and-drop page builder. Posts have a lot of versatility and options, with more than seven different varieties to choose from. Architects, interior designers, and photographers will love this theme. It can handle a wide range of picture, video, and animation formats. It values fonts highly, employing both Google Fonts (over 600) and Awesome Fonts Icon (over 400). BWSM will provide you with six months of support. It has a Multilanguage Right-To-Left plugin and one-click demo access. With this powerful tool, you may create stunning sceneries, constructions, and designs. Arnold WordPress Theme is beautiful to look at and to taste.

25. Webify

Image Showing Webify Theme

Webify is a minimalist WordPress theme. It has a wide range of options and solutions for your spiffy new minimalistic website. It’s an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to broaden their reach and attract more users and admirers.

With Webify, you can construct:

  • A page for corporate business
  • An online portfolio
  • A resume page
  • A blog
  • An eCommerce website

Keep in mind that it provides you with twenty outstanding demonstrations. These demos are unique and completely configurable. You may also combine features from several demonstrations to create a cohesive site design.

Webify is also retina-friendly and mobile-friendly, as well as cross-browser compatible. The design is also designed for speed and SEO. In brief, its performance will always be first-class, dazzling everyone visiting your page

26. Uncode

Image Showing Uncode Theme

Uncode is a minimalist WordPress multipurpose theme that is both trendy and responsive. Uncode is a natural choice for webmasters looking for a sleek and minimal website that can be ready to go live in minutes. It includes:

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Custom Revolution Slider options
  • An integrated premium Layer Slider
  • A series of graphically composed demo websites and page templates.

Its native responsiveness gives a crystal clear, Retina-ready presentation on any platform known to man. Also, its comprehensive out-of-the-box WooCommerce integration makes it even more adaptable. You will never be sorry if you try Uncode!

27. Uniq

Image Showing Uniq Theme

Uniq takes a multipurpose, clean, and minimalist approach to web design. Allow Uniq to take care of your website, whether you’re an agency or a freelancer. With its prepared demos and various internal pages, you can get a fully functional website up and running. Not only that, but you won’t have to change a single line of code if you want to change any of the layouts. Editing and changing Uniq’s default settings will feel like playing a video game. All thanks to the drag and drop mechanism – which is a lot of fun.

Uniq also has:

  • Nineteen headers
  • A comprehensive admin
  • Auto-updates
  • Infinite sidebars
  • Revolution Slider
  • Fourteen blogs and nine portfolio templates
  • Comprehensive search engine optimization

28. Massive Dynamic

Image Showing Massive Dynamic Theme

It is a creative multipurpose website builder for WP that is modern and simple. It’s a simple, purposeful, and intuitive website builder that uses the most powerful paid plugins. Such as WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, Revolution and Master Slider, MailChimp, and more.

Massive Dynamic comes with over 70 unique shortcodes. These shortcodes allow you to expand the capabilities of your website with no effort and a wide range of setup options. You can choose from more than a dozen different header styles and advanced header technologies. These allow you to further personalize them to meet your specific requirements.

Massive Dynamic’s pristine, content-first presentation relies on visual features and communication. This results in attractive, basic websites that load amazingly quickly and run flawlessly. Regardless of traffic load intensity or user base volume.

It is optimized for both multipage and one-page websites. Thanks to its elegant layout options, this allows you to convey so much more in so little space. These options include free-floating content, full-width layouts, and more. Massive Dynamic keeps things easy!

29. Studio 8

Image Showing Studio 8 Theme

In the world of web design, sometimes less is more. While huge, large websites might be appealing, there are occasions when a more basic approach is better. Studio 8 is a versatile theme that you can use in a variety of formats. You will be able to browse a well-written manual source after installation that claims to explain all functionalities. Studio 8 has a great full-width slider to present content in an accessible and simple way. A 404 error page and many custom post types are also available to users.

Studio 8 gives users a voice by allowing them to use threaded comment sections. WP APIs are respected, and many widget regions are available. The layout of the theme is responsive and works on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. There is a child theme provided, and the page loads quickly. A live preview of Studio 8 has been made accessible for those who want to try it out.

30. Boldlab

Image Showing Boldlab Theme

Boldlab, like creativity, knows no boundaries. This WP theme is a fantastic option that any freelancer or agency can use to their full potential. You can rapidly set things up for your business with ready-to-use index page designs and a variety of extra practical layouts. Boldlab also comes with the WPBakery drag and drop page builder. So you’ll have no trouble customizing it to your distinctive style.

There’s more to come. Boldlab also includes:

  • Portfolio pagination
  • Three headers
  • Price tables
  • Testimonials
  • Social network feeds
  • Gorgeous portfolio layouts
  • Slider Revolution

You have all you need and more right at your fingertips, ready to put into practice and shine online with your services and gorgeous creations.

31. Manon

Image Showing Manon Theme

Manon is a stunning WordPress theme for all the minimalists out there. You can start developing a website right away with a good collection of interest-piquing samples. After choosing the demo that best suits your signature style. You can use it as is or tweak it to fit your needs and desires. Manon comes with the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder. These end the need for any programming.

The list of features is huge. It has :

  • Over 800 Google Fonts
  • Fast scrolling
  • Social sharing
  • Four headers
  • Many portfolio layouts

Manon is also ideal for freelancers and companies to create a page that promotes their professionalism and services. Enjoy the process with Manon if you’re ready for a change.

32. Ekko

Image Showing Ekko Theme

You can use it as a minimalist WordPress theme due to its versatility and adaptability. Keep things basic, clean, and neat rather than overload the consumer with a slew of information and effects. With Ekko, you can do that and make a big splash in the online world. For your information, you can use the tool to create almost any page you can imagine. There are a plethora of demos available to you. All of them are completely functional and ready to be used outside the box.

All necessary documentation, video training, and access to the helpful support team are included in the bundle. With Ekko, you can create a website that will be appealing with a catchy design that grabs everyone’s attention. Ekko also follows all the newest web trends and laws. This ensures flawless performance across all devices and platforms.

33. Merchandiser

Image Showing Merchandiser Theme

Merchandiser is a clean and simple WooCommerce WordPress theme. You can use it for creating minimalistic eCommerce websites. It’s a theme created by a team of expert coders and designers to create the perfect theme to promote items online. It has many premium plugins, smart tools, and cutting-edge capabilities. These allow it to keep up with demanding online commercial activity.

Merchandiser is built on the simple premium WPBakery Page Builder. It simplifies web design by reducing it to an easy drag-and-drop experience. This allows you to completely change the appearance and feel of your online shop website in minutes. These powerful theme packs:

Sophisticated elements like beautiful Off-Canvas Shopping Cart functionality

Off-Canvas Quick View for individual products

Some of the most beautiful Product Image Galleries in the industry today.

These help you entice customers with your high-resolution imagery and enticing visual design. So now is the time to try Merchandiser and make a sale!

34. Opta

Image Showing Opta Theme

Opta is a basic WordPress theme for photographers and artists. It’s the ideal tool for presenting your work in a classy manner. To present all your projects, you’ll have a clean and basic layout centered on the display. Custom post kinds for galleries and portfolios are available in Opta. It works with both Contact Form 7 and the AddToAny plugin. It also includes an XML demo at no extra cost! You’ll get a theme with a tonne of features and versatility. It includes a shortcode generator as well as high-quality typography. Play around with 700 Google Web fonts and a unique text and image slider.

Opta is a responsive design that adapts to new concepts. Its design may accommodate any format or addition, and it has been well tested in a variety of browsers. Because your photographs and texts will be highlighted, only a few tricks are required. You’ll get excellent customer service, regular updates, and thorough documentation! Showcase your work quickly and easily. It’s time to put oneself out there to attract new clients. Begin showcasing your portfolio and creating memories in your photography album right now! Opta is a great place to start.

35. Sea

Image Showing Sea Theme

SEA is a must-see for everyone who appreciates a clean and straightforward approach to web design. You’re about to see a simple WordPress theme that will blow your mind. With a lot of sample data, you’ll be able to build together a simple website with only a few clicks. You don’t need to do anything more than choose the demo that connects with you the most and edit it with your material. Of course, all SEA’s thirty-plus pre-built templates are completely customizable for your convenience.

Extra features include:

  • Many headers
  • Stunning hover effects
  • Twelve project layouts
  • RTL compatibility
  • Lazy load
  • A lifetime of free upgrades
  • Thorough documentation
  • Professional support to make everyone feel even more at ease

36. Zoli

Image Showing Zoli Theme

It’s a good idea to start an online store using a minimalist WordPress theme like Zoli. Most people are more interested in the product than in the flashy effects and distractions. You should choose Zoli if you want to create a smooth, fun, and engaging purchasing experience. The theme has nine gorgeous and appealing house demos. You can combine these with all the other required inner pages. Of course, Zoli has everything pre-programmed for you, so all you have to do is mix and match. Furthermore, all Zoli layouts are completely modifiable.

Zoli also has a :

  • Nice lookbook
  • Simple filtering system
  • Blog pages
  • Google Maps
  • Contact area
  • Slider Revolution

Zoli is totally responsive and browser compatible. It is also optimized for performance and search engines. With Zoli, selling products online becomes a kid’s game.

37. Proton

Image Showing Proton Theme

It is one of the greatest minimalist WP themes for promoting your work and creations. It’s a portfolio-style tool with a unique twist that will impress and astonish your users. You can make it into an online destination to attract more visitors and help your business develop.

When you have Proton at your disposal. You won’t have to devote as much time and effort to the design and development of your website.

The majority of the work has already been done. All you need to do now is use the pre-designed content, and you’ll be ready to go live in minutes.

Features include:

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Distinctive portfolio pages
  • Three tempting headers
  • Online shop
  • Tidy blogging pages

Proton allows you to do whatever you want to challenge yourself.

38. Bridge

Image Showing Bridge Theme

When it comes to working with Bridge, your only constraint is your imagination. It is so powerful that you can use it to create a website for almost any project you can think of. Bridge has over 376 demos, which is an amazing number. Then, of course, you may use Bridge as a minimalist WordPress theme and do whatever you want.

It may help you create an online portfolio, an eCommerce page, a blog, or a company website, among other things. You may keep things as simple as possible. Ensuring that there are no distractions and providing a consistent experience.

Even if you use Bridge’s samples straight out of the box, managing your online space becomes a piece of cake. But, we suggest you add your personal touch and make it your own. Bridge is beginner-friendly. So get in and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

39. Ocularus

Image Showing Ocularus Theme

Ocularus is a fantastic WordPress portfolio theme. It has a simple, minimalistic style that emphasizes photos and photographs. Designers, photographers, artists, and other creative types will love this theme. You’ll get a stunning, eye-catching design that’s both elegant and professional. Ocularus was created to present all your ideas and works in a stylish manner. It includes a carousel gallery on the homepage to showcase your best features. It has a left-hand main menu bar with useful pre-designed sections. Pre-defined areas such as contact, portfolio, team, and others will be available. The galleries in each section are unique and creative.

To display information, some galleries have pop-up animations.

Ocularus comes with many portfolios and progress bar translation files. It even works with Google Web Fonts and Contact Form 7! Make your typography stand out, and you’ll be able to reach out to clients in no time! Ocularus offers a flexible slider that you can use for photos, carousels, or videos. It will come with a responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes and browsers. With this tool, you can make a lasting impression on clients. Premium assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also includes regular updates and extensive documentation. Make use of Ocularus now!

40. Xstore

Image Showing Xstore Theme

XStore is a popular WooCommerce WordPress theme. This theme was created to be the most cutting-edge and user-friendly solution. It enables an efficient and effective building and management of complex modern online stores.

XStore is pre-loaded with a large number of powerful plugins. It also has a large number of attractive and functional demo websites and page designs.

It only sells high-quality plugins that are game-changers in online commerce, such as:

  • The easy-to-use Slider Revolution
  • WPBakery Page Builder plugins
  • All-in-one WooCommerce plugin
  • The highly customizable Contact Form 7

As a result, online retail entrepreneurs and businesses use it for their online needs. It is the best because of its unrivaled flexibility in handling many product lines, vendors, and portfolios.

41. Petal

Image Showing Petal Theme

Petal is a stunning and minimalist WordPress creative portfolio theme. This theme is a fantastic tool for creating stunning, functioning portfolio websites. Websites that will impress potential employers and attract new business. Petal knows how to make your website stylish and professional. It does this without disturbing your viewers with excessive clutter. Hence, enhancing the effectiveness of your content distribution. It also raises your conversion rates overnight without breaking a sweat.

From custom headers and footers to uniquely styled sidebars. The built-in premium WPBakery Page Builder drag and drop page builder has been expanded. This provides drag and drop builder functionality to every element and section of your website. All this was done in a matter of minutes and without having to write a line of code. It has an integrated WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. It allows you to market your professional services or products from your site right after initial setup. A customized version of the premium Revolution Slider keeps your content and pages dynamic and lively, as well as your users engaged. Now upload your catalog and go live. It includes everything you’ll need to get started.

42. Remake

Image Showing Remake Theme

Remake is a minimalist WordPress theme. You can use it for making online portfolios that are engaging, modern, and eye-catching. It is here to help you create a world-class online presence, whether you’re an agency or a freelancer. You can use any samples straight out of the box, but you can also tweak them to perfection.

Features include:

  • Slider Revolution
  • MailChimp
  • Hero slider
  • Smooth animations
  • Dot cursor

You can also use Remake to build a blog and sell items online. Remake allows you to be inventive and make a lasting impression.

43. Veen

Image Showing Veen Theme

For all the minimalists out there who want to start a blog, Veen is the tool for the job. Veen delivers a superb reading experience on every device. Thanks to its incredible cleanness and simplicity. It has various layout possibilities, eleven unique widgets, six single layouts, and support for AMP.

Veen works well as is; very little tweaking is required. You may still customize it without having to know how to code. Veen also has ad sections for easy revenue generation. The design is adaptable and fluid, and it was created with SEO and speed in mind.

44. Metro

Image Showing Metro Theme

Metro is a clean WordPress theme for building eye-catching eCommerce sites. Metro will adapt to your business, regardless of the things you want to push. You can pick from a variety of demos and use the Elementor page builder. With that in mind, you may rest assured that making changes will be a snap.

Metro also includes mobile optimization, hover effects for products, header styles, a blog, and a Layer Slider. You can also convert Metro into any language you desire with WPML. This allows you to customize your online business to your local clientele. Now is the time to get started on your internet company with Metro.

45. June

Image Showing June Theme

June is a versatile WordPress theme that is simple, sleek, and responsive. This theme is a basic yet powerful website construction platform. Users of all ability levels can use it. A variety of premium plugins provide extensive capabilities via an easy-to-use visual interface. Demo websites that are handcrafted and clutter-free help you get off on the right foot. With a variety of features and settings, you can personalize them to your heart’s desire. Colors, fonts, sections, and layouts may all be mixed and matched to create your unique design.

June’s visual language is fluid and expressive, thanks to the work of specialists. Webmasters that want a simple yet communicative website will feel right at home here. June’s basic design lets your content take center stage. Beautiful portfolios and product pages highlight the things that are most important to you. Get June today if you want your work to speak for itself in the most inconspicuous way possible.

46. Air

Image Showing Air Theme

Air Lightweight is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme. It focuses on design flexibility and inventiveness. It’s available now, with a beautiful portfolio, gallery, and project layouts. A drag-and-drop page builder and a BM slider are used in Air Lightweight. To present information, experiment with 7 post types and 600+ custom Google Fonts. There are also sharing options for well-known platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Shortcodes are available in Air Lightweight to save time and energy while personalizing things. Sidebars, footers, and 400+ icons may all be customized, as well as modules and blog pages. For business, WooCommerce allows you to create shops and conduct transactions.

Contact Form 7 makes it simple to contact clients. Elements are provided, and if they aren’t incorporated, corresponding plugins are provided! Air Lightweight is fashionable, user-friendly, and loaded with functionality. What more could you want? So have fun with Air Lightweight and set your new showpieces!

47. Oliver

Image Showing Oliver Theme

Oliver is the minimalist WordPress theme with a twist for every photographer, amateur or professional. You should not skip out on Oliver if you want to make a good and enduring first impression. It is a stunning and jaw-dropping black design that will pique everyone’s interest. What’s great about Oliver is that you can use it as is and have a finished project that’s ready to go. Yes, you can use it right away with the default appearance.

It supports all devices, retina screens, online browsers, search engines, and major plugins. It comes with a one-click demo importer, so you can get started right away. With Oliver, you’ll get regular upgrades, top-notch documentation, and competent support.

48. Pekko

Image Showing Pekko Theme

It is a top-of-the-line dark and minimalist WP theme for the creative industry. Allow Pekko to do the work for you and create an online presence that will pique everyone’s interest if you want to avoid the typical style. Pekko also doesn’t need several homes. Because the one it has is so powerful and gorgeous that it suits everyone. When you see the live preview, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Pekko also comes with:

  • An Elementor page builder for codeless editing
  • A child theme
  • On-scroll content loading
  • A full-fledged blog area

The design is also responsive, so it works well on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. If you ever want help, contact the team of professionals for immediate help.

49. Esben

Image Showing Esben Theme

Let Esben do the trick if you’re seeking something unique. Although it was designed for fashion photography, you can use it for a variety of other purposes. There are a plethora of eye-catching layouts pre-defined and available for you to use to your full potential. Each demo is one-of-a-kind and appealing. This makes it ideal for piquing everyone’s interest right away.

With the bundled WPBakery, you may further develop and customize Esben to fit your personal style. There are also a variety of shortcodes and widgets for quick and simple integration.

Features include:

  • Smooth scrolling
  • Sticky navigation
  • Seven header designs
  • A blog
  • An online shop

You may now generate a result that will take your creative business to new heights without breaking a sweat.

50. Art

Image Showing Art Theme

ART is a WordPress theme for people who want to promote their work as artists. It’s simple to set up and use, even if you don’t know how to code. In your hands will be a modern, minimalistic, and elegant concept. ART has a variety of attractive layouts for showcasing all your efforts. There are over 6 pre-designed layout templates to choose from. It also has more personalized possibilities! Using scrolling animation, create engaging interactions. ART has a variety of headers, blogs, and custom posts to choose from. Within all, there are over +20 alternatives to pick from. There will also be a lot of typography and iconography. It’s even possible to sell products with WooCommerce!

WPML translation, RTL writing format, and Contact Form 7 plugin are all supported by ART. Connectivity to social media is permitted. ART customizes your content using BM Content Builder. This allows you to observe the changes in real-time. Everything looks magnificent and astonishing when viewed in Retina mode. It has a responsive design that has been tested to function with all major browsers. You will receive premium assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with regular updates and comprehensive documentation! What else could you need for your blog? It’s simple and quick to create your own website. Don’t put it off any longer! Make use of ART!

51. Ultra

Image Showing Ultra Theme

Ultra is a modern WordPress theme that you can use for any type of website. For writers, bloggers, novelists, and storytellers, it comes with a lovely and minimalist template.

It has:

  • A full-width custom background image
  • Txt snippets
  • A call-to-action button
  • Various post formats

The design is vibrant and appealing, capturing the attention of new users.

Ultra is also SEO-friendly, making it easier for search engines to find your site.

52. Tinos

Image Showing Tinos Theme

Tinos is a beautiful minimalist WordPress theme for writers and bloggers. With attractive typography and a distraction-free style, it focuses on increased readability.

On the site, Tinos adds next and previous buttons to your blog entries. This allows viewers to jump between them. With a custom theme settings page, it’s quite simple to set up. It also includes a variety of post themes to help your material stand out in a variety of ways.

53. Pepper+

Image Showing Pepper Theme

Pepper+ is one of the greatest WordPress themes available, and you can use it to create any type of website. It has a variety of ready-to-use designs as well as drag-and-drop modules for creating a bespoke layout.

Pepper+ includes:

  • Google Fonts
  • Many header styles
  • Icon fonts
  • Email subscription form


It’s also quite adaptable, allowing you to alter colors and fonts with ease.

54. Author Pro

Image Showing Author Pro Theme

Author Pro is a professional WordPress theme for authors and writers from StudioPress. It comes with a plugin that allows you to construct a library of books with individual details pages. This makes it an excellent theme for selling ebooks.

The Author Pro theme has a simple and elegant design. It has a completely widgetized homepage, a custom header, and a page with theme options. It’s built using a responsive design, so it’ll look fantastic on any device.

55. Britanny

Image Showing Britanny Theme

Brittany is a minimalist WordPress theme designed for lifestyle bloggers and authors. It offers a variety of customization options for your blog. This includes alternative layouts, colors, and fonts.

Drag and drop content widgets onto the homepage to display your most significant pieces. Custom widgets for social media and content discovery are also included.

56. Neve

Image Showing Neve Theme

Neve is a beautiful WordPress theme with a minimalist design. It includes a variety of beginning sites for various company and corporate themes. There are also ready-to-use themes for writers and bloggers.

Neve’s WooCommerce connection makes it simple to set up an online store or sell items from your blog. Neve is compatible with page builders such as Elementor and Visual Composer when it comes to customization.

57. Hive

Image Showing Hive Theme

Hive is a minimalist WordPress theme in black and white. It offers a magazine-style layout with many columns for displaying material. Your website will appear excellent on any device and on any screen size.

Hive enables you to manage your website layout, buttons, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more. You can do all this without editing any code, thanks to new WordPress theme customizer tools.

58. Atmosphere Pro

Image Showing Atmosphere Pro Theme

It is a fantastic WordPress minimalist theme that you can use for any type of website. It has a lovely homepage design that includes a large image at the top, a welcome message, and a call-to-action button.

A separate blog page, navigation menu, custom header, and theme options page are all included. The black and white design draws readers’ attention to your text.

59. Corner

Image Showing Corner Theme

Corner is a WordPress theme for authors and bloggers that work in the creative field. This lovely theme has a clean design, a homepage slider, and a portfolio area.

Corner is WooCommerce compatible and has bespoke social sharing and content discovery widgets. A theme options panel is included for quick and easy setup.

60. Wisteria

Image Showing Wisteria Theme

Wisteria is a WordPress blogging theme that is available for free. It has a conventional blog layout with a minimalist style. A unique logo and a navigation menu with white and black backgrounds are featured in the header.

It has a two-column layout with a right-hand sidebar. Wisteria is ready for translation. It makes it simple to construct a bilingual website.


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