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6 Reasons to Redesign Your Logo

by rigotechnology

Your logo is a crucial part of your brand identity, and changing it is not a decision to make on a whim. However, there comes a time when you need to redesign your logo. Read on for six good reasons to consider giving your business logo a facelift.

Redesign Your Logo

You Changed Your Brand Name

If you’ve recently changed your brand name, your logo might require a refresh. Text-based logos can quickly become irrelevant after a business rebrands. Thus, it is necessary to develop a new logo or tweak the one you have currently to align it with your new company name. If you have no idea where to begin choosing a new design, you can check different logos by the industry for inspiration.

Your Logo Is Too Complex

If you look at some popular logos in the world — from McDonald’s’ golden arches to the Nike swoosh — you will realize they are all simple and straightforward to remember. Of course, some companies are still using complex logos, but for a business trying to find its feet in the high-paced commercial world, a simpler design would be more effective as a marketing tool. So, consider it and

Redesign Your Logo If It Uses Obsolete Fonts

For businesses that have been in the game for decades or even centuries, there is a chance the initial logo design looks outdated. The evolution of fonts and typefaces has been on a steep upward trajectory since the advent of computers, and what looked classy and trendy in the ’60s may not be so sleek anymore. Redesigning your logo will portray your business as modern and capture prospects’ attention with a keen eye for aesthetic detail.

You Are Facing New Competition

If you are facing new competition from businesses that you feel have the potential of toppling you, you might want to cause some stir to get the attention back to you. A logo redesign can go a long way toward rekindling customer interest, as it might be seen as a reflection of an improvement on your product or service.

Redesign Your Logo If It Is Not Scalable

Business logos today are used on a range of platforms and marketing materials, and not all of them are created to look good on each. If your logo design is not built with scalability in mind, perhaps it’s time to take a second look at it.

You Have Taken Over or Merged with Another Company

Mergers and takeovers signify expansion, growth, and new beginnings. If the logo were built to communicate what the company does, redesigning it would be necessary if its service catalog has changed. What’s more, a revamp would create a much-needed stir and grab the attention of the market.

Redesign Your Logo – Endnote

These are some of the reasons companies redesign their logos. If you want to try it yourself, ensure an experienced designer does the facelift. It will also help if your new design is on the basis of your existing logo, as people can still associate the logo with your brand.

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