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50 Best Church WordPress Themes to Download for 2022

by rigotechnology

The internet has grown in importance around the world. In this medium, people look for brands they can trust. This is why to stay competitive, businesses and professionals must have a website.

Websites are also ideal for non-profit groups, churches, and charities. An amazing website will act as the frontline of the entire ministry. A website will allow you to make a positive first impression of your Church.

A WordPress church theme website can be an effective tool. It has the potential to help you connect with your community and reach out to your neighborhood. It has the potential to bring in new visitors time after time.


  • 1 What You Need to Make the Best WordPress Church Website
  • 2 Select Your Website Platform
  • 3 Setup Hosting For Your Site
  • 4 Install Key Church Plugins
  • 5 Integrate With Your Social Media Accounts
  • 6 Optimize Your Church Website For Local SEO
  • 7 Create A Mobile App For Your Church
  • 8 How to Find a WordPress Church Theme?
  • 9 Integration with page builders:
  • 10 50 Best Church WordPress Themes
  • 11 Astra
  • 12 Divi
  • 13 Outreach Pro
  • 14 Ultra
  • 15  OceanWP
  • 16 Neve
  • 17 Maranatha
  • 18 Salvation
  • 19 Prayer
  • 20 Exodus
  • 21 Endurance
  • 22 Kerygma
  • 23 Charitize
  • 24 Resurrect
  • 25 Renew Church
  • 26 Epic
  • 27 One Church
  • 28 Credo
  • 29 Restore
  • 30 Church Builder
  • 31 Growing
  • 32 Beautiful Pro
  • 33 Foundation
  • 34 Saved
  • 35 Zelle Pro
  • 36 Grassroots
  • 37 Hestia Pro
  • 38 Forward
  • 39 Jubliee
  • 40 Benevolence
  • 41 The Gem
  • 42 Vestry
  • 43 Chapel
  • 44 Alone
  • 45 X
  • 46 Hallelujah
  • 47 My Religion
  • 48 Church and events
  • 49 Holy Church
  • 50 Grace
  • 51 Bethlehem
  • 52 Adore Church
  • 53 Alim
  • 54 Native Church
  • 55 Deeds
  • 56 Blessing
  • 57 Spiritual
  • 58 Zegen
  • 59 Real Church
  • 60 Our Church
  • 61 Church plugin included
  • 62 What’s Next After Picking a Theme?
  • 63 Conclusion

What You Need to Make the Best WordPress Church Website

Church websites gain credibility by appearing in major search engines with little effort. This is where a WordPress theme may be quite beneficial and practical! Church WordPress themes are available on the internet these days.

Below is the checklist that will help you Make the best Church Website:

  • Select Your Website Platform 

The platform you’ll use for your website is the first thing you’ll need to figure out.

There are various platforms available nowadays that make website creation easier. Such platforms allow you to create very professional-looking websites for a minimal cost.

What drives your choice is who will be building the site and whether you have any specific needs.

Fortunately, WordPress never fails to impress users and comes with the following benefits :

  • Unlimited customization.
  • The easy learning curve for day-to-day use and maintenance.
  • Most popular website platform with millions of users.
  • Select Your Church Website Domain

It’s time to choose a domain after you’ve decided on a platform for your site.

The domain is the first thing you should choose. It’s critical to get the domain right as your attendees or potential members will type it into the URL bar.

When choosing a domain, keep in mind that shorter is always better, but you also want it to be easier to remember.

  • Setup Hosting For Your Site

Hosting is pretty simple. All you need to know is that having a website needs hosting. The steps for setting up hosting will change depending on the platform you choose. You have many options when it comes to hosting organizations.

If you’ve opted to use WordPress, you’ll need to buy a hosting package before you can start building your website.

We recommend WordPress hosting for a few reasons:

  • Customer service is better than inexpensive hosting.
  • For the money, dedicated WordPress servers are very fast.
  • Provides for customization according to needs.
  • Build Your Core Church Website

Now that we’ve got everything in place, we can start working on the website. It will be easier to start building your website if you have a strong knowledge of what you need.

The following pages make up the framework of your Church’s online presence:

  • Homepage
  • Calendar page with service times and upcoming events
  • About Us/Mission/Vision page
  • New visitor welcome/intro page
  • “Meet the Staff” page.
  • Contact page

The main layout of every church website has these six pages. Depending on:

  • Your needs may also include a specialized map page, a blog page, a podcast page,
  • Events, sermons, photo galleries, a ministry page, or any number of other pages.
  • It’s a matter of choosing a template in WordPress.

Configure the homepage to your needs, then add content to the more pages. This also depends on your technical knowledge and intuition.

  • Install Key Church Plugins

After you’ve built the framework of your website, you could add some useful plugins. To improve the user experience for your visitors.

A plugin is a third-party tool that you add to your platform’s basic functionality. It allows you to add advanced features to your website without needing a developer to build them.

For advanced customization, WordPress is superior. It has over 50,000 options in its directory alone, with even more options outside the directory.

  • Integrate With Your Social Media Accounts

It’s important to build your social media channels into your website. Doing so will allow visitors to locate and engage with you on the platform of their choice. This is usually achieved through your website’s footer. The footer allows users to access your social profiles from any page of your site.

It’s a simple and similar process if you’re using WordPress. The Jetpack plugin is pre-installed on most WordPress installations. Go to Appearance> Widgets and drag the “Social Media Icons” widget to the Footer section.

Then, in the applicable parts, input your social usernames. This will direct the visitors there when they click on the respective buttons.

  • Optimize Your Church Website For Local SEO 

It’s time to think about how to bring new visitors to your site once it’s built and all the features are in place.

Designing a site for search engine traffic is the first step in attracting new visitors. We want people in your community to be able to locate your church website when searching for a church on Google.

We’ll need to perform a few things to make sure they can find your site:

  • Identify the right keywords
  • Optimize on-page SEO
  • Add your Google My Business listing.
  • Build citations
  • Regularly Update & Add To Your Church Website

It’s important to keep your Church’s website up to date and add to it on a regular basis. Not only will this help your community and visitors. But it will also show Google that your site is active and up-to-date, which will improve your rating.

Include the following in any updates:

  • Add new events
  • Update contact information
  • Update staff information
  • Add new ministries
  • Update mission and vision etc.

When adding content, there are some easy ways to do this:

  • Publish a short devotion or blog post each week.
  • Record sermons as podcasts or videos and publish them to the site each week.
  • Publish new prayer requests as they come in.
  • Publish church news and updates

All these actions increase the number of pages and content on your site, which helps you rank higher over time. And, best of all, none of them need any effort on your side because they are an essential ingredient of running a church.

  • Create A Mobile App For Your Church 

Creating a mobile app for your Church is the final strategy for making your Church stand out.

For a better experience on phone and tablet displays, WP themes use responsive design.

The following are some of the benefits of developing a mobile app for your Church:

  • Allow users to make donations through the app.
  • Notes for the sermon.
  • Play sermons or podcasts with direct push notifications for events.
  • Calendar access in a flash.
  • Chat with the Church’s leadership or members.
  • Access to eCommerce for church sales.
  • Schedule meetings with pastors.

How to Find a WordPress Church Theme?

WordPress church themes are interesting and attractive. It can be difficult to select the best theme for your site from thousands of themes available online.

To help you with your theme selection, we’ve created a list of features and settings to look for in a church WP theme:

  • Design and flexibility:

A WP church theme should have an attractive design and a variety of features to meet your needs.

  • Events management:

To promote your Church’s events, sermons, and services. Choose a theme with an integrated event management functionality.

  • SEO optimization:

A theme with built-in SEO optimization can help you in fast ranking your website. You’ll get more traffic than normal to support your cause if you have a high ranking.

  • Mobile responsive:

A mobile responsive WP theme is a good option as it improves your search engine rankings. It also looks amazing on all devices.

  • Integration with page builders:

The drag and drop page builder allows you to add content and photos to your website. You can do this without having to change any code.

  • Ease of use:

Simple customization options in the WP admin area should be available in a theme. This ensures that there is no learning curve in creating and managing your website.

50 Best Church WordPress Themes


  Image Showing Astra Theme

Astra is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme. It includes a completely functional template for your Church or non-profit site. It also has hundreds of ready-made sites.

Because the theme has SEO support, your website will rank higher in search engines. Drag and drop page builders and the WP live customizer makes it simple to personalize.


  • Fast and lightweight
  • Page Builder friendly
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Easy to set up
  • Integration with payment methods
  • WooCommerce support, etc


   Image Showing Divi Theme

Divi is a powerful WordPress theme that also functions as an all-in-one page builder. It includes 194+ layout packs and 1400+ pre-made template designs. This makes choosing a layout for your church website a breeze.

Divi comes with over 40 elements and modules that you may use to customize your site. Create custom global components in Divi to apply the same settings to all of your pages and articles.

It also uses a responsive design. This means your church website will look fantastic and function on any device.


  • Responsive editing
  • Built-in layout designs
  • Powerful customization options
  • Colors and animations
  • Background image and video support, etc

Outreach Pro  

     Image Showing Outreach Pro Theme 

Outreach Pro is a WordPress theme that is both quick and powerful. Many layouts and page templates are available. It also has a large header image and a mobile responsive design.

It supports all major event management plugins, podcasts, video, and audio embeds. As a result, you may post visual content to your Church’s website.

WP Engine, the most popular managed WordPress hosting company, has acquired StudioPress. Once you join WP Engine hosting to develop your website. You’ll get this theme along with 35+ other StudioPress themes.


  • Custom page templates
  • Color styles
  • 6 layout options
  • Landing page designs
  • Navigation menus, etc


Image Showing Ultra Theme      

Ultra is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes with dozens of pre-built layouts and website templates. It also offers paid add-ons and custom page designs. These features make it simple to create a church website.

It’s very adaptable, allowing you to alter the colors, fonts, and background of the website at any time. For easy customization, Ulta includes Themify’s page builder.


  • 1-click demo content import
  • Pre-designed layouts
  • Themify Builder integration
  • Built-in demo websites
  • Premium builder add-ons
  • Smart layout options, etc


Image Showing Oceanwp Theme

It is one of the good free church wordpress themes that you can use to create a site for your Church, non-profit organization, or any other specialty. It has a 1-click demo content importer as well as a large number of free and premium starting sites.

The theme features a quick page load time, a responsive layout, and SEO optimization. It also has an eCommerce store support. It is translation-ready, allowing you to develop a multilingual website.


  • eCommerce ready
  • Fast page load speed
  • Premium extensions
  • Built-in demo websites
  • 1-click content importer, etc


Image Showing Neve Theme          

Neve is a great WordPress theme that you can use for any type of website. It offers a quick, lightweight, responsive, and stylish template design. You can use these features to put up your church website because

Custom header and footer layouts, various page layouts, and connection with web builders are its other features.


  • Custom layout options
  • Seamless integration with page builders
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Separate blog page
  • Translation and RTL ready, etc.


  Image Showing Maranatha Theme  

Maranatha is a WordPress church theme for professionals. It has a compatible sermon management system. This system allows you to upload sermons in audio, video, text, and PDF formats. You can categorize Sermons into series, subjects, and books.

As users scroll down the site of Maranatha, a parallax effect is used. It also has sections for ministries, a church blog, and an events calendar.


  • Fullscreen video background
  • Real-time customization
  • Events calendar
  • Easy navigation menus
  • Theme documentation and support, etc.


Image Showing Salvation Theme        

Salvation is a great WordPress theme for churches, religious institutions, and charity organizations. It has a ticketing system, a donation form, and custom widgets.

It features a sticky header, huge slider, drag-and-drop site builder, and multilingual support. It also has galleries, parallax, and carousel support. You can also use the WordPress live theme customizer to make changes to your site.         


  Image Showing Prayer Theme   

Prayer is a great WordPress church theme. It makes it simple to add sermons, events, galleries, sliders, and staff information.

Prayer comes with a variety of color schemes, and you can customize each page’s color scheme. It has a configurable homepage layout and unique widgets for social accounts. It also has an intuitive theme options panel are among the other features.


  • 5 content types
  • Flexible homepage layout
  • Videos and audio support
  • Many color schemes
  • Social networking widgets, etc.


  Image Showing Exodus Theme       

Exodus is a stunning WordPress church theme. It features a powerful sermon management area. You can upload sermons in a variety of media, including video, audio, and text.

It also includes sections for ministries, employee profiles, activities, and places. It’s mobile-friendly and has a huge image or video header on the home page.


  • Custom background
  • Featured image slider
  • Real-time font and colors selection
  • Extra-wide layout
  • Theme support and setup guides, etc.


Image Showing Endurance Theme

Endurance is a free WordPress theme. It is for churches, non-profits, NGOs, and fundraising organizations. For your site’s inner pages, it has a built-in breadcrumb navigation tool.

The homepage includes 3 featured sections. In these sections, you can highlight your most significant information. You can customize colors, background, font, and other elements.


     Image Showing Kerygma Theme     

Kerygma is a stunning WordPress church theme. It offers beautiful sliders and huge background images. A parallax effect and a customizable homepage builder are a few other features.

Right out of the box, it shows your podcast videos. There’s also an easy-to-manage section for staff profiles in the theme.  


     Image Showing Charitize Theme  

Charitize is a free WP theme for churches and non-profit organizations. It includes event management, a staff directory, and location support.

The homepage features a huge slider and a clean, minimalist style. For different post types, pages, and your blog page, the theme includes built-in layouts.


  • WordPress plugins compatible
  • Sticky posts
  • Custom colors
  • Full-width slider
  • Translation ready, etc.


    Image Showing Resurrect Theme 

Resurrect is a WordPress church theme with an urban touch. It offers a dedicated sermons section where you may upload sermons in a variety of formats.

It also supports a wide range of multimedia formats, including podcast videos. The theme comes in two color schemes: dark and light, and it supports huge image and video headers.


  • Demo content plugin
  • Location maps
  • Image galleries
  • Custom background
  • Color schemes, etc. 

Renew Church

Image Showing Renew Church

Renew Church is a WordPress theme designed for new churches and religious organizations. It also has significant capabilities for established churches. It also allows you to expand your website as your community expands.

Sermons, staff profiles, event management, and contact forms are all supported. It also includes huge header graphics, a parallax effect, and many page layouts.


Image Showing Epic Theme

Epic is a beautiful church theme for WordPress. It has custom homepage widgets for displaying location maps, recent messages, and upcoming events.

Epic also supports podcasts and audio sermons. It also has multimedia capabilities. These allow you to include huge videos in the homepage slider.

One Church   

  Image Showing One Church Theme

One Church is a WordPress church theme that is both stylish and functional. It includes 12 color schemes, custom color support, and compatibility for TypeKit fonts.

It has built-in support for sermons, events, locations, and other content on your site. It supports multimedia content and displays audio and video content beautifully.


  • Drag and drop editing
  • Video and audio support
  • Location map integration
  • 12 color schemes
  • Image galleries, etc.


  Image Showing Credo Theme    

Credo is a WordPress church theme with an intuitive design. It has all the necessary features for a church website. This includes sermon archives, audio-video support, event administration, social media integration, etc.

You can use it on WPML-enabled multilingual websites. It is available in an infinite number of colors and supports a parallax background. 


Image Showing Restore Theme       

Restore is a powerful church WordPress theme. It includes ready-to-use add-on plugins. Developers design these plugins for use with their own themes.

The theme includes a sermon manager, events manager, custom colors, and Google Maps. Email signup and contact form support are also included in the Restore theme.

Church Builder 

Image Showing Church Builder Theme

Church Builder is a beautiful WordPress theme designed for churches and non-profit organizations. It has a clean design and a customizable homepage. It also has the SiteOrigin drag-and-drop page builder.

600+ Google Fonts, picture lightbox styles, a staff section, visual content support are its major features.


Image Showing Growing Theme

Growing is a very user-friendly and functional WordPress church website theme. It has a sermon manager that allows users to search for sermons by topic.

Recurring events, Instagram feeds, Google Maps, and page customization are some of its features.

Beautiful Pro     

50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

Beautiful Pro is a Genesis Framework-based WordPress theme with a minimalist design. It’s simple to set up and ideal for your Church’s website.


  • Block editor compatible
  • Color customizer
  • Featured images
  • 10 widget areas
  • Page templates, etc.


Image Showing Foundation Theme

Foundation is a WordPress church theme that is simple to use. It has a central design with light and appealing font colors. These help you to create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors.


  • Touch-enabled slideshows
  • Color customizer
  • Social media integration
  • Custom widgets
  • eCommerce support, etc.…


Image Showing Saved Theme

Saved is a beautiful WordPress theme created with churches and organizations in mind. It has a video header background to interest users during their initial visit to your site.


  • Homepage sections
  • Extension plugin
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Custom widgets
  • Colors and font styles, etc.

Zelle Pro           

Image Showing Zelle Pro Theme

Zelle Pro is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. You can use it to build any kind of website. It has a full-screen custom background image and call-to-action buttons on the homepage. These features make it simple to send visitors to landing pages.


  • Parallax scrolling
  • Interactive homepage elements
  • WooCommerce integration
  • WordPress customizer options
  • Unlimited color choices, etc.…


Image Showing Grassroot Theme

The WordPress theme Grassroots is amazing. It comes with full-screen video background and a custom logo. It also has a welcome message for your visitors.


  • Fullscreen background video
  • WordPress plugins compatibility
  • Custom useful tools
  • Support for over 600 Google Fonts

Drag and drop friendly layout, etc.

Hestia Pro  

Image Showing Hestia Pro Theme

Hestia Pro is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. You can use it to create a church website. It has a fullscreen background and a variety of color options.


  • WooCommerce support so you can skyrocket donations by adding live sales notifications
  • Page Builder compatible
  • Built-in website layouts
  • Custom homepage sections
  • Slider and video header, etc.


50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

Forward is a simple church WordPress theme with help to prove the design. It allows you to create a custom header slideshow with church services and photographs that will engage website visitors.


  • Block Editor compatibility
  • Google web fonts
  • Color choices
  • Mailchimp widget
  • Translation ready, etc.


Image Showing Jubliee Theme

If you need a simple answer, Jubilee provides a demo website that you can import with only a few clicks. This includes location maps, bible verse sections, event calendars, and much more. Moreover, the theme is colorful and user-friendly. This allows it to compete with designs from different industries.

Many features in Jubilee can help your Church expand. These offer support for uploading podcasts, displaying your personnel, including testimonies, and etc.

Finally, church websites don’t have to be dated or uninteresting. You may design a modern website for your Church with the correct theme. Jubilee allows you to show everyone that you’re keeping up with the times.


Image Showing Benevolence Theme

Benevolence is a nice WordPress theme that’s perfect for your Church or non-profit.

This theme is responsive and was created with HTML5 and CSS3 technology. This ensures that it loads quickly and is future-proof. You can format your website to match the needs of your Church using 11 different custom post kinds.

There’s no need for a plugin because it’s already translated and multilingual.

Sermons, Ministries, Sponsors, and Projects are a few of the church-specific elements provided. You can utilize the news, photo galleries, and events feature to show off what’s going on and what’s coming up.

The Gem

50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

Adapting your faith to a technological world has been a problem. Changing the modern perspective of religion has been a significant concern. Your website may be an important tool in this effort. With TheGem, you can create a visually appealing and modern website.

While TheGem isn’t designed for churches. It includes many example layouts that cater to a range of niches. It has plenty to offer to help you advertise your ministry. To begin, there are two dedicated layouts to pick from. Both the layouts can be further customized using the Visual Composer page builder plugin.

Your headers and footers are also adaptable, so finding a design that works for you should be simple. Also, you may use the included Events Calendar plugin to list events on your site. You can also provide audio recordings of your most recent sermons straight on the page. You can do this by using the options found within the dedicated admin panel.

Developers of TheGem have gone to great lengths to meet their demands. You should include it on your shortlist because it might be great for a modern ministry.


Image Showing Vestry Theme

Any church must have a strong sense of community. With Vestry, you can create an online home for your congregation and fill it with features. This will help people connect with one another and with your message.

With over 30 pre-built pages that you can change, this theme makes the design process simple. This includes sections where you can host your sermons and keep members up to date. Vestry includes many Gutenberg blocks, such as author profiles and testimonials. It works with the Elementor page builder as well.

It also works well with the Events Calendar plugin as well as the GiveWP contribution plugin. These tools make it simple to keep members informed about future events. They also allow you to collect contributions for charitable causes.

Vestry will make it simple for you to showcase your Church’s activities on your website if you have a lot of them. It’s also great for people who are new to WP because it has a lot of easy customization possibilities.


Image Showing Chapel Theme

Religious groups aren’t limited to Sundays only. Your parishioners can remain in touch at any time with an interesting website. But, you will need the appropriate theme and features, which Chapel may be able to give.

A flashy design for a church website is unlikely to work. As a result, Chapel features many subtle pre-built event and church page styles. The theme also includes a unique structure for uploading individual sermons and including them in video format. This will help you connect with individuals who are unable to attend.

It also works with many popular event calendar plugins. This allows you to publicize forthcoming drives, sermons, and other events. It also includes the Easy Donations plugin. With this plugin, you can accept donations from your website.

Its design, and advanced quality make creating a church website appear easier than it is. Check it out; it could be the perfect theme.


50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

It’s important to communicate a sense of trust and professionalism on the website. But it’s not always simple. As a result, you must be able to show your abilities and elicit an emotional response from your audience. If that’s the case, Alone might be what you’re looking for.

A theme with so many well-designed demo layouts is bound to spark your imagination. You may match your ideas to a range of layouts ideal for a variety of organizations using Alone.

The best part is that Alone is quite simple to set up. Even better, each design is perfect for highlighting your stories. The designs also include out-of-the-box donation forms for any type of non-profit.

This best-selling theme gets the job done. Alone will not disappoint you if you’re creating a top-notch non-profit website.


50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

X is a stunning theme with many smart design elements and features. It is an excellent choice for your Church.

X is one of the most popular and best-selling themes, thanks to its customization options. To build your website, you can choose from hundreds of pre-made layouts and templates. These styles are simple to use and makes highlighting the essential services a breeze.

Create a database of all your pastor’s sermons and show them in an infinite scrolling blog post format. You can also break sermons into categories like topics; the date is given, or the theme. Create smooth, parallax scrolling pages dedicated to your various missions.

And with a configurable events calendar, you’ll never have to worry about your congregation missing out.

X is an excellent theme to use for your Church if you want to inspire with amazing sermons posted online. You can keep your community up to speed with activities in your town and get everyone active in your Church.


Image Showing Hallelujah Theme

Your website should represent the fact that Church is all about community. As a result, you’ll need a website to emphasize the importance of events to engage your audience. Hallelujah might be a good fit for your project.

It includes pre-built designs for a variety of helpful pages in Hallelujah. You can also use ready-to-use designs to provide information about your employees and the mission of your Church. Every featured design is bright and simple, resulting in an appealing website.

If you wish to change the look of your Church’s website, it comes with the Elementor page builder plugin. It also includes plugins such as Contact Form 7 and Slider Revolution. There are also tools to communicate information about upcoming events and process donations.

If your church project needs great graphics and design flexibility, you can consider Hallelujah.

My Religion

Image Showing My Religion Theme

As the world has evolved, so have our methods of communication. My religion is a theme for those who want to keep up with the times and reach out to everyone, wherever.

Religion is always trying to stay relevant, and this theme can help your Church in this quest. The default layout is full-width, with large headers to drive home your point. My religion also comes with the Slider Revolution plugin. You can use this plugin to create a call to action that will get your congregation moving.

My religion leaves no stone unattended. There’s a specific post type for sermons and full support for the Events Calendar plugin. It also has the option to collect donations using the CMSMasters Donation plugin.

There aren’t many flaws with My Religion. It features a clean, modern style with all the features you’ll need to reach out to new and existing members. It’s one for the shortlist, albeit considering its high quality, you might want to call it a day!

Church and events

Image Showing Church And Events Theme

Church and Events is a parallax-style theme designed for churches and events.

The theme’s highlight is the eye-catching layered slider. But the rest of the design is also outstanding. It gives particular care to the featured sermon because you can see it as video, audio, PDF, and as a connection to another source.

It is also ideal for newcomers, as it comes with 23 HD video tutorials to guide you through the setup procedure.

This theme provides ample customization options. These options let you create a stunning website for your Church or special event. Keep things simple so you can focus on the benefits of this theme.

Holy Church

Image Showing Holy Church Theme

If you think your Church’s website should show a few photographs and mention the schedule for the coming week. You should look at the Holy Church theme for ideas. This theme has a lot of features. These features will help you create a central hub for events related to your Church or ministry.

It highlights a few notable aspects in the default, colorful design. Furthermore, there is enough functionality to be thrilled about.

The ThemeREX Donations plugin allows you to collect donations from your visitors. You can also create any type of section you want using the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This includes specific contact forms, team profiles, and streamable audio players.

Church websites have evolved through time. They’re now expected to be a key influence in increasing attendance. It can help you improve physical attendance, donations, and overall involvement.


50 Best Church Wordpress Themes To Download For 2022

The work of the Church extends beyond the physical walls of the church building. If you wish to expand your Church’s reach into the digital arena, Grace might be the theme for you.

Grace’s designers understand that a unique website must have a contemporary appearance. As a result, they’ve included three current home page layouts, one of which is a full-width design. If you want to make your own layout, you can use the Visual Composer plugin that comes with the theme. You can also create stunning and engaging calls to action right from your WP dashboard.

It has a lot of features to assist you in spreading your message. But, Grace falls short in one area. It does not make it as simple to show your sermons in many forms as some of the other examples in this collection.

Grace is an excellent option for developing a religious website. But, if you want to provide audio sermons on your website, you should go elsewhere.


Image Showing Bethelehem Theme

Bethlehem is a customizable, minimalist theme with a lot of useful features.

With bold font and display text options, it has lots of space for high-resolution photographs and galleries. You can also embed sermon recordings via media players. This can make your audience feel welcome.

You may choose from eight various header styles to convey the mood you wish to evoke. It has a simple yet powerful Mega Menu option that lets you design the ideal navigation tool for your site.

It also includes many high-quality premium plugins. You may add information to the dashboard, such as donation drives, ministries, and sermons. Even better, it’s a click away from integrating with some of the best time-saving tools on the web. This includes Events Manager, WooCommerce, GiveWP, and Testimonials.

Adore Church

Image Showing Adore Church Theme

Above the fold, Adore Church commands attention with a full-width slider that draws you in. But, as you got closer to the bottom, the amazing impact begins to fade. It’s not horrible, but it’s not as spectacular.

It uses the Mega Menu. This allows you to construct huge dropdown menus with embedded media and columns. It’s a live event booking layout that shows ticket booking functionality.

Adore Church does a lot and comes close to tying everything together. It does try to swing for the fences and provide features you won’t find elsewhere, which is admirable.


Image Showing Alim Theme

Alim is a theme built for Islamic religious institutions. It has a lot of unique features that will help you engage your members and assist your community.

Alim features five pre-made home page styles to make it easier for you to develop your site. It comes with a variety of header designs and endless color scheme selection. It also has over 800 Google Fonts and over 100 theme options. If you prefer to construct your site with a drag-and-drop editor, it works well with Elementor.

This theme has a lot of modification options. But it shines when it comes to its unique religious aspects. It includes custom post kinds for your scholars and teachings, as well as namaz time displays. You’ll also get access to the WP Event Manager plugin and the Charitable Donations plugin.

While many church themes may adapt to any religion. Alim can help you get a head start if you’re creating a site for a Mosque or Islamic center. It’s something to think about.

Native Church

Image Showing Native Church Theme

NativeChurch appears to be aimed at a younger audience.

It isn’t as image-heavy as some of the other themes on our list, which may be a plus. While many themes strive to impress you with their design. NativeChurch takes the opposite approach and prioritizes functionality over form.

This theme offers many features. This includes an events manager plugin, a sermons manager, and a donation-collection payment system. It doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on design and instead focuses on getting your message to your audience.

When your message is strong enough, you don’t always need a lot of flair. If that’s the case, NativeChurch is a good choice for you.


Image Showing Deeds Theme

Deeds is a responsive drag-and-drop theme that could work for your Church or non-profit.

Sermons, Ministries, Donations, and Church Events are among the eight church-specific homepage options. The news, photo galleries, and event features are especially beneficial. These let you highlight weekly happenings, future events, and fundraisers. Hence, making it easy for your entire congregation to stay informed about what is going on and coming up.

It includes plugins such as Visual Composer, Layer Slider, and Revolution Slider. These plugins ensure a seamless and stunning user experience. It will inspire your members with a clean and straightforward Appearance. This Appearance is created by clever color palette combinations and Font Awesome icons. You can format your website to match your needs. You can do this by choosing from nine different header design templates.

It is an excellent solution for multilingual congregations, fundraising drives, and other events. You can do this thanks to translation plugins, PayPal integration, and other integrations.


Image Showing Blessings Theme

It is part of your Church’s mission to provide advice. Hence, your website should direct visitors to their intended destination. Blessing could be the topic that guides you toward your goal.

The default layout of this theme has a modern “feel” to it. The theme comes with full-screen sliders, bare navigation, and a one-page layout. Because all three home page options are identical, there isn’t as much variety as there may be. But, the included Visual Composer plugin can assist you in creating any style you desire.

You’ll also find some special pre-built pages to assist you in meeting the demands of your visitors. You can, for example, play audio sermons, highlight events, and much more.

This theme covers all the basics of functionality, even if it doesn’t offer much in the way of innovation. If you want to advertise your Church’s events but don’t have a lot of particular demands, it is a theme to consider.


Image Showing Spiritual Theme

Spiritual is a responsive and retina-ready theme. This theme has found a good mix between use and aesthetics. Standard features such as the Events Calendar and custom shortcodes give high-level functionality. Also, the theme customizer makes custom design adjustments simple.

The plugin provides the majority of Spiritual’s functionality. You can use the Events Calendar plugin to establish events, accept bookings, and manage guests. You can create custom pages with functional elements using the custom shortcodes plugin.

Add in an advanced blog, and you’ve got everything you need to build a simple or sophisticated site.

You can change most theme-related design aspects using WordPress Theme Customizer. There are also a lot of design options. These options include 470+ icon fonts, 600+ Google Fonts, and a sidebar generator.

Use other features to round up the Spiritual’s combination of utility and aesthetics.


Image Showing Zegen Theme

Your Church must have a good digital presence in order for your members to follow you online. This includes using your Church’s website as a focal point. On the web, Zegen allows you to create a welcoming sense of community and connection.

The focus of Zegen is on functionality. The theme comes with six alternative design options, all of which are imported with a single click. Every design focuses on usability. This helps your parishioners locate any church information.

It comes with the Elementor plugin, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7. This combination makes it easy to completely customizing the look and feel of your site. Elementor, for example, provides an easy drag-and-drop editor for customizing pages.

You’ll be grateful for an easy-to-use theme if your Church requires a fresh web presence. Zegen is definitely worth a shot, if only because you’ll be up and running in no time.

Real Church

Image Showing Real Church Theme

Real Church is one of the most customizable church WordPress themes.

Real Church takes sermon management to a whole new level. It does this by allowing you to attach audio sermons, video sermons, and transcripts. The theme includes seven custom post types:

  • Event
  • Sermon
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonial
  • Price
  • Pastor

The event type allows you to submit information about the event’s essentials. You can also include a Google map of the event’s location in the article. You can write about and feature different pastors using the unique pastor post kinds.

You can use a drag-and-drop page builder to create pages. There are over 450 font styles to choose from, as well as a built-in translator and several shortcodes.

The only aspect of Real Church that may not appeal to you is its Appearance. They’ll do in a pinch, but they’re not very memorable or striking to me. Real Church’s functionality is a bargain at $50.

Our Church

Image Showing Our Church Theme

Our Church is a well-designed and easy-to-use theme perfect for any church website.

The many custom design and styling options aid in the creation of a unique and modern website. It also has a drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin. This plugin allows you to add customizable design components. You can also choose from 40+ premade layouts if you don’t want to mess around with design components.

Our Church also makes it simple to set up basic functions. You can use custom posts to build sections for sermons, events, and prayer lists/resources. You can also use Google Calendar integration to create an event calendar. This calendar will display your schedules and operation hours.

Our Church provides excellent functionality set against an attractive and responsive design.

Church plugin included

The Church Content plugin for WP provides important functionality that every website needs.

It adds strong functionality to WordPress for publishing sermons, events, individuals, and locations. This allows you to create your own church website.

WP, along with our Church Content plugin, provides a complete solution for building a church website. Switching between themes is also a breeze with our plugin. The Church Content plugin and all themes are included in all our packages.

You can save sermons in text, audio, video, and PDF forms to a sermon archive. You may use WordPress to upload your media or embed it from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

You can use the topics, series, books, and speakers to prepare sermons. The Pro edition makes it simple to set up sermon podcasting on iTunes, Google Play, and other platforms.

Manage the specifics of your church events, including the date, time, and venue. You can categorize events. The Pro allows you to save time by creating recurring events. Locations for sharing where and when you meet, as well as staff profiles, are among the other features.

What’s Next After Picking a Theme?

After you’ve decided on a church WordPress theme, the following step is to build a website.

WPForms Pro is the most effective way to achieve this because:

  • It’s the easiest WP contact form plugin, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder.
  • To design a fundraiser form and collect online contributions. Utilize the Fundraiser Registration Form template. It comes with a one-click setup and a slew of essential features.
  • It includes WordPress forms for charitable organizations. These are allowing them to save a lot of money on the WPForms Pro plan.
  • You’ll get priority support from a friendly and knowledgeable team. This will help churches and NGOs set up a website.
  • For user-submitted events, you may create shared calendars. This allows you to inform your local community about fundraisers and events.
  • Your new website and forms will look beautiful on any device because it is mobile responsive.

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