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30 Best Church Website Builders in 2022

by rigotechnology

Do not be concerned. Website builders can make a church website in a variety of ways. That looks fantastic and fulfills all of your requirements.

We will go through the top church website builders in this article. As a result, you can build a church website without writing any code.


  • 1 The Most Effective Way to Locate the Best Church Website, Builder
  • 2 30 Best Church Website Builders of 2022
  • 3 WordPress
  • 4 Constant Contact Website builder
  • 5 Gator by HostGator
  • 6 Sharefaith
  • 7 Ministry Design
  • 8 Nucleus
  • 9 WordPress.com
  • 10 Weebly
  • 11 Squarespace
  • 12 Wix
  • 13 Church123
  • 14 Strikingly
  • 15 Jimdo
  • 16 Webnode
  • 17 Tithe.ly
  • 18 EKKLESIA360
  • 19 CLOVER Site
  • 20 FaithConnector
  • 24 The CHURCHCO
  • 25 Finalweb
  • 26 Churchikon Church Website Builder
  • 27 Church Web Builder
  • 28 Mission website
  • 29 uKit
  • 30 Doodlekit
  • 31 Ning
  • 32 IM Creator
  • 33 Conclusion

The Most Effective Way to Locate the Best Church Website, Builder

When deciding on a church website builder, there are a few things to consider. Look for elements that will assist you in completing essential chores.

Making a calendar: You will need to include your regular services and maybe extra activities.

Uploading sermons: If you want to make sermon recordings available on your website. Then you will enjoy a quick approach to accomplish this.

Various user accounts and allowances: Some church members (volunteers) would virtually access the website.

Allowing members to sign up and log in: Some material, such as the minutes of church meetings, may be restricted to registered church members.

Donations: If you want to accept donations through your website. Then you must ensure that your church website software supports this.

Design and Themes: Choose a website builder that offers an extensive range of church website templates. You also want it to be simple to customize. It allows you to change the design, add photos, change the colors, and more so that you may design a church website consistent with your church’s brand.

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30 Best Church Website Builders of 2022

Let us have a look at the top 30 church website builders so that you may select the finest software for your needs.


WordPress.org is the most popular program for creating church websites. It is the most used website builder globally, powering more than 39% of all websites on the internet.

Image Showing Wordpress Logo

WordPress is a free website builder that provides complete control and all of the tools you will need to create a website. However, because it is self-hosted, you will need a domain name and web hosting to construct a WordPress website.

WordPress provides hundreds of church themes and styles to choose from, things you may use, both for free and for a fee. In addition, there are plugins for every function that your church website is likely to require.

WordPress allows you to create an unlimited number of user accounts. As a result, you have complete power over your website with WordPress.

WordPress has a large supporting community, making it easy to obtain help when you need it. However, you will be responsible for upgrades, backups, and security. Although WordPress is free. You will have to pay for a domain name and web hosting.

Constant Contact Website builder

Image Showing Constant Contact Website Builder Logo

One of our top picks for an all-in-one website solution is the Constant Contact Website Builder. They offer web hosting. As a result, you do not need to purchase it separately.

AI powers the Constant Contact website builder (artificial intelligence). Constant Contact makes creating a church website straightforward and quick.

You can use the Constant Contact website builder for free to get started. It is an excellent choice for small churches or those on a tight budget.

It takes very little time to create your church website. Simply enter “church” as the site type, and it will show you stock images that you can use. After that, you may complete building your site by selecting a few choices.

Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It may alter Your site’s layout and appear in nearly any way you can think of. Constant Contact offers a massive picture collection (over 550,000) to select from. You may, of course, add your photos.

You might make a product named “Donation” or something like that. Donors, on the other hand, cannot choose their amount.

Every plan, even the available one, involves an SSL certificate. It enables your site to use the secure HTTPS protocol rather than HTTP.

Gator by HostGator

Image Showing Hostgator Logo

Gator is another all-in-one website creator. It is an excellent choice if you want to make things as basic as possible. To build your site, you can select from a variety of website templates.

HostGator, one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, willfully host it for you. Your site will have an infinite number of pages, storage space, and bandwidth.

Regardless of your chosen plan, a domain name is provided for free (for 12 months). Alternatively, if you have previously purchased a domain name from another domain name registrar, link it to your website.

Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by live chat, phone, and email. In addition, there are approximately 200 distinct templates available.


Image Showing Sharefaith Logo

Sharefaith is a famous website builder that designs explicitly for churches. It is a dedicated platform with a support team to assist you in getting started.

There are many church website templates. All of these are intended for use in churches. so you would not end up skipping over a lot of irrelevant ones

You can view and experiment with the website builder for free. Simply select a template to demonstrate.

Sharefaith will migrate your old site.

There are numerous images. You can select from a category of options. You can also use your photos on your site.

It may readily add Sermon audio or video recordings to your website. You may choose who gave the sermon and what series it was in using these.

There is a calendar function built-in. So it can list those services and other activities.

You’ll also receive Sharefaith Giving with your website. It allows you to receive donations and tithes through your website quickly.

Using the ‘Advanced’ options, you may add more users to your Sharefaith website.

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Ministry Design

Image Showing Ministry Logo

Ministry Designs is another website that specializes in creating websites just for churches.

There are several lovely layouts. They are all responsive. That means they will look fantastic on both mobile devices and PCs.

There is no limit to the quantity of training that it may obtain. You will have an hour-long phone call to get started. Plus, as much assistance as you require to construct your site after that.

With features for uploading sermons, creating a calendar, and even creating and managing an email list

Your site can support numerous user accounts. For example, you can have up to three users for free or more if you pay a fee.

The support staff was accommodating and pleasant. You may contact the support staff using the live website chat without signing up for anything.


Image Showing Nucleus Logo

The Nucleus is an all-in-one church website builder that includes a slew of essential features. such as the ability to submit sermons and build email lists

There is a 30-day free trial available. It does not necessitate the use of a credit card. In addition, the Nucleus provides “scholarships” to smaller churches and entrepreneurs.

There is a wealth of helpful documentation, as well as live chat assistance. The Nucleus intended to serve as your church’s “central hub.” Signup forms are special attention. So that you have a single location, You can direct folks there.

There is a Facebook group about this. You may join to discuss church website creation with other individuals who use the Nucleus.

When you join up for the Nucleus, you also receive access to their video footage clip library.

There are several pre-written social media posts available for use on your social media accounts. All of these photos have text overlayed on them and come with recommended captions.


Image Showing Wordpress.com Logo

WordPress.com is a hosted all-in-one platform. That is on the same code as WordPress.org.

It’s easy to become perplexed by the distinction between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The first important thing to understand is that WordPress.com is a for-profit service. WordPress.org software, on the other hand, is free and open-source.

What you can and cannot do with WordPress.com is limited. The free plan is quite restricted. As a result, we usually recommend WordPress.org instead. However, in some cases, WordPress.com may be the best option.

WordPress.com will host your website. As a result, you won’t have to worry about backups, upgrades, or security. Everything is taken care of for you.

There are several themes to select from. You have several options for your website. It offers a plethora of alternatives, both free and paid. that are appropriate for churches

If you are on a tight budget, the paid options are reasonably priced.

In the future, switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org will be a straightforward process. It authorizes you to keep your selections open.


Image Showing Weebly Logo

Another all-in-one website builder is Weebly. The majority of folks find it quite simple to use. It moreover comes in a category of patterns. Something you may use as a foundation for your website

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to customize all of Weebly’s designs fully. As a result, it is highly user-friendly and simple to use if you have never established a website before.

There is eCommerce support built-in. For example, you may use Weebly to collect donations. On the other hand, Weebly levies a 3 percent transaction fee on transactions made through your website.

There is an App Store. Something you may use to add more features to your website You might, for example, install a variety of audio players.

The support team is available by email 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and through live chat during extended work hours (6 am to 6 pm PST). If you have the Pro plan or higher, you may also call them.

In the pro package, you may build a membership area for your website. It implies you can safeguard data. Something only church members should be able to see.

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Image Showing Squarespace Logo

Squarespace is a well-known website builder. It, once again, provides an all-in-one platform.

It’s simple to use and supports many users, which might be pretty helpful if you want many individuals to work on your church’s website.

Using Squarespace’s block editor, you can easily add photos, videos, and audio files. For example, it might be beneficial if you wish to upload sermons to your website.

Squarespace has a plethora of various templates. In addition, you may sign up for a free trial without entering your credit card information.

Squarespace has a plethora of typefaces. It might be beneficial to match the typefaces on your website to those on printed goods.

Squarespace can add contributions to your website. You also have some say over what permissions they have. For example, the Personal plan only allows for two contributors. However, the other methods are limitless.

Suppose you have a Business plan or above. Then, you may accept donations on your website by placing a ‘Donations’ block on any of your pages.


Image Showing Wix Logo

Wix does provide both free and low-cost solutions.

One of the reasons Wix is so popular is that it aims to function well for almost any type of website. In addition, the customization process is quick and straightforward, and ongoing maintenance is modest.

When you need to make changes to existing content, you may do this directly on the page. thus you can preview how it will look in real-time and publish it from the same page

When it comes to the design of your website, Wix can simply provide themes and color options.

Their dashboard is a well-liked element. Allows you to access all areas of your website, including frontend and backend. You can monitor your traffic data, connect with visitors, post blogs, and edit pages from one simple hub.


Image Showing Church 123 Logo

Church123 values efficiency and simplicity. Church123 makes the construction procedure a three-step process so that you may launch your site right away.

Step one is as simple as it gets: choose one of their pre-made themes. They intend to be interoperable with a wide range of devices, browsers, web standards, and so on. The themes are already optimism out of the box. So all you have to do is browse and click.

Step two allows you to experiment with your chosen theme. Then tweak the pages to suit your needs. To make everything coordinate, you may select from a variety of layouts within your selected article.

The third step entails more direct modification on each page. As required, you can add content. You may immediately write or copy/paste your text into the web editor. It functions similarly to a word processor. There is no learning curve as a result.

And it concludes the first three steps. You are now prepared to publish. It is resulting in a more simplified and efficient site builder.


Image Showing Strikingly Logo

Strikingly is a simple builder that can get you online fast and inexpensively.

In terms of ease, Strikingly, the drag-and-drop editor is identical to Wix. However, the ultimate product will not be as appealing.

Strikingly templates aren’t exceptionally diverse.

However, your Strikingly website will lack the individuality of a Wix or Squarespace site. It will cover all of the essentials: The designs are simple and easy to read, emphasizing pictures to enable you to add your flair.

Strikingly also provides outstanding assistance and support. If you ever discover yourself in a jam. You may contact the support team by live chat at any time.


Image Showing Jimdo Logo

Jimdo is a straightforward website builder. That is best suited for basic websites rather than anything elaborate or showy. Please continue reading to learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Jimdo was named one of the finest church website builders on our list. Owing to its easy editor and low initial cost, If you utilize this platform, you will construct a high-quality website.

Just 56% of our users endorse Jimdo. You may have noticed that it is at the bottom of this list. Because if you’re going to pay for a website builder, you’ll want to receive your money’s worth in terms of designs and functionality. Jimdo’s rivals have more to offer in these areas than others.

Jimdo’s templates, for example, are very organized. You have less ability to move components around than with Wix. The advantage of this is that the tight templates make it extremely difficult to make a design error. However, it is pretty challenging to make your template seem uniquely yours.


Image Showing Webnode Logo

Suppose you wish to communicate with the church in several languages. Your alternatives are somewhat restricted. You could undoubtedly make clones of each website page. However, it is far more convenient to utilize a system that works right out of the box.

However, there is a cost. There is just one church design. As well as a couple of others for non-profits, They do not, however, have their category.

As a result, you’ll have to go through their whole template collection. There are no social networking platform likes and shared widgets. The blog function isn’t the greatest. Because there is no Webnode app store, you cannot add more functionality.


Image Showing Tithe.ly Logo

Tithe.ly is a site solely dedicated to assisting churches. By becoming digital, they are helping their community. Over 25,000 congregations now use it in over 50 countries. The Tithe.ly platform accepts more than eight currencies.

Tithe.ly is a solution created mainly for the creation of church websites. However, it is more than just a website builder. It will allow you to develop an app for your church (a different plan is available for this).

You may accept donations as well as manage and arrange events. Their themes are both responsive and visually appealing.

It will take some time to create an account because you must enter your bank account information and upload an ID, which is inconvenient if you need a church website quickly. Building a website is not included in the free plan.


Image Showing Ekklesia360 Logo

Ekklesia 360 provides a variety of services in addition to their primary church website offering. They can help with content strategy, website design, bespoke development, and managed giving.

The versatility of the Ekklesia 360 platform to interact with a wide range of church administration systems is arguably its most outstanding feature. It is feasible to link these services, whether Church Community Builder, Rock RMS, or FellowshipOne. The integration options also include live streaming, event management, and providing services.

Ekklesia 360 may come up short. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use platform with a lot of design freedom for your church, this is the platform for you. Some users may find the website administration tools to have a steep learning curve. It’s also worth mentioning that there aren’t many design possibilities. Moreover, depending on the template you select, you may pay additional charges.


Image Showing Cloversite Logo

Clover offers an appealing and clear price structure that will appeal to a wide range of customers. Clover has developed services geared mainly towards churches and religious groups.

The platform has many essential drawbacks. However, there are certain limitations, such as the inability to modify SEO elements completely.

Some SEO material is generated for you automatically. It may appear to be a significant time-saver. However, this implies that you will have less control over how your church displays on search engines.

Clover’s range of website design templates, on the other hand, offers a decent degree of variety, even though the number of design possibilities is limited. An expanded collection of pictures and templates is available for a fee.


Image Showing Faithconnector Logo

FaithConnector specializes in the development of church and ministry websites. It acknowledges that many individuals are not technically savvy (or want to be). They have a large customer base and have been in the industry for over 16 years.

Their in-house team created and constructed the platform. The feature set is extensive, as one would expect from a church website builder of this kind. It, however, makes a kind of walled garden.

Extending your website with particular add-ons may be complex and expensive. You are considering the future. If you ever want to move your website away from FaithConnector, you can do so. You’ll have to start from scratch. That is a significant effort in terms of both time and money.

FaithConnector’s pricing is straightforward and open. It’s worth mentioning that certain products are available for a fee. Installation of visual design motifs, for example. On the positive side, their collection of more than 50 website designs provides a lot of visual variety. It will appeal to a vast number of individuals.


Image Showing Church Plantmedia

Church Plant Media provides a beautifully packed church website solution. That is likely to meet the needs of the majority of churches. Their focus is on design. And the simplicity of use is evident from the moment you visit their website.

The website design templates available from Church Plant Media may appear to be quite restricted. Each design, though, is well-executed and compelling. They all look excellent on mobile phones and tablets as well.

Customers, like other suppliers, are typically limited to specific design templates. Unless you pay for further development services, it’s worth mentioning that Church Plant Media will only change the brand colors so far.

They do, however, allow website developers to step in and make changes. If you have a technical person on call, this is a huge benefit.


Image Showing Subsplash Logo

In case you’re still puzzled. Subsplash is the name of a firm that offers various online church services such as donating, mobile apps, texting, and more. Snap Pages is the name of their church website building product.

SnapPages is a powerful website-building tool with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. There are specific characteristics that you wouldn’t expect to see. Such as 3D image tilting, which is a pleasant surprise and enjoyable to use.

With the ability to build an endless number of pages, you may play with online forms as much as you like, including using full-screen images and adding church events.

Customers primarily restrict to the Subsplash ecosystem. When it comes to incorporating new features, For example, suppose you want to start an online donation campaign.

It will require the Subsplash Giving platform. It, like other suppliers, will appeal to specific congregations while alienating others. It all boils down to striking a balance between convenience and commitment.


Image Showing Ecatholic Logo

eCatholic is a proprietary platform designed specifically for churches. There are a lot of recognizable elements. Donations, payments, and live broadcasting are all appealing to people looking to create a church. Alternatively, you may choose to transition from another website platform

eCatholic’s website building tools design for those who want a simple way to manage their online material. It may be sufficient for the majority of people. However, keep in mind that your website may not as easily extend as other platforms.

If your requirements develop and alter over time, there is a possibility that you will outgrow the platform. eCatholic offers various templates that may be used for your website in terms of aesthetics and style if you want to alter the design and feel of your website significantly.

They charge for this service. It’s important to remember if you want to incorporate photos into your website. There are lots to select from in the eCatholic Stock Photos database.

Overall, this platform is robust and is supporte.


Image Showing The Church Co Logo

churchco aims at church leaders who are looking for an online platform that tailor to their unique needs.

ChurchCo prioritizes community development and communication tools. There is just one destination, or “hub.” Its goal was to keep church members up to date on upcoming activities at their place of worship. Each week, members keep up to date via a semi-automated scheduling system.

It’s worth mentioning. The ChurchCo platform is difficult to extend or broadly supported. Choose wisely based on your unique requirements. Its capacity to link with Church Management Systems, on the other hand, is a bonus.

ChurchCo showcases the organizations with whom they collaborate. Check out a few real-world instances to see if there’s a match.


Image Showing Finalweb Logo

Make your magnificent church website right now to spread the religion. Finalweb is a church website builder that can meet all of your demands. With easily customizable designs. To create a website, you no longer need to be a computer genius or a programmer.

It’s all straightforward and convenient now, thanks to page creation services for users of all levels of expertise. Even total beginners may get excellent results using Finalweb. And fix yourself out from the mob.

With infinite updates, swappable themes, and adjustable media integration, you can manage your page. Make your lectures into podcasts so that people may listen to them again and again until they fully get your message.

Your parishioners can stay up to speed on church events thanks to the complete calendar system. Finalweb also has a mobile version to cater to today’s mobile online consumers. The browsing experience will undoubtedly be enjoyable.

Churchikon Church Website Builder

Image Showing Churchikon Church Website Builder Logo

Are you seeking a fantastic church website builder? Churchikon will respond to your prayers. Because of its innovative features, this church website builder is the tool you’ll need.

The events feature allows you to share all of the essential activities. What is going on at your church for visitors? They won’t want to miss any of them because you’ll be presenting them in such a compelling manner! Furthermore, Churchikon offers a maps feature that shows the location of your church and information on how to proceed.

Having a responsive website that works effectively on mobile devices is now an absolute must, and Churchikon excels at this.

Furthermore, your page will be cross-browser compatible. And will perform at rapid speed. You may also make up to a hundred stunning HTML5 pages. It separates into ten pieces without a problem. What are you waiting for? You’ve got a lot more in store for you.

Church Web Builder

Image Showing Church Web Builder Logo

Using Church Web Builder, you can ensure that your evangelical advocacies reach your target audience efficiently. It’s jam-packed with church-related topics. This church website builder allows you to design your website by first selecting a plan.

Of course, each user receives a ten-day free trial. It allows you to see how great Church Web Builder is. All plans include features like search engine optimization tools. There are infinite pages, email campaigns, an event calendar, and a ministry application.

Storage space may be increase to 3GB. And designs do not need you to pay any additional fees. You may even incorporate an online store. Create surveys and take advantage of the integrated newsletter.

Even though you will be doing a lot for your neighborhood with your newly created page, you also help others by utilizing Church Web Builder. How? A percentage of your money use to promote a select specific ministry website. Isn’t it cool?

Mission website

Image Showing Mission Website Logo

A successful missionary genuinely influences a large number of individuals. However, it is more efficient to disseminate the message online. After all, we all spend a lot of time on the internet. Mainly via our mobile gadgets.

Even when it comes to church pages, they must be completely adaptable! The mission is a church website designer that has spent many hours improving ministry web designs. This level of work implies that they are committed to and serious about their objective.

All Mission websites are responsive and look great on all mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, cross-browser interoperability is incorporated.

Mission has several unique features, such as a drag and drop tool. Media integration, online forms, and church administration tools are all available. Use your domain, connect your page to Google Analytics, and optimize it for search engines. All three options also feature a 30-day free trial period, just in case.


Image Showing Ukit Logo

Nothing should stand in your way of utilizing uKit. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder with many features to which you have complete access for your new church page. After all, uKit may also refer to as a church website builder.

It is a very adaptable and easy-to-use program with many features and assets that will serve you well. It’s an opportunity for you to widen your horizons. And keep all of your devoted followers up to speed on your church’s activities at all times.

Even if they could not attend your recent event, they would like to hear a specific message again. It may now do so simply by going to your page.

Although no prior expertise is required, you will still seem professional on the web if you use uKit. You may also go the additional mile with search engine optimization. And track the success of your website by linking it to Google Analytics. But first, give it a try for 14 days for free to see what you think.


Image Showing Doodlekit Logo

When it comes to constructing a free website for religious organizations, Doodlekit receives unanimous acclaim. You can make your congregation stand out. Doodlekit also provides free hosting. It ensures that your page works smoothly and safely at all times. It is a free church website builder.

With advanced template design options, this church website builder allows churches and their members to personalize their websites.

It is also quick and straightforward to provide updates. It informs your community about upcoming special events, fundraisers, and other activities. There is also community engagement through blogs and forums. The free version is an excellent place to start.

Then, look at Doodlekit’s advanced and competitively priced programs. Create a most relevant website for your church. and welcomes even more followers and prospective new members on board. It will be a breeze for you to create a web place that everyone would appreciate.


Image Showing Ning Logo

A successful and efficient ministry knows no bounds. Thanks to the internet, communicating has never been easier. Make the most of this advantage by collaborating with a church website builder that is eager to assist.

Ning removes the difficulty of establishing aesthetically beautiful and amazingly functioning ministry websites. Simple, yet practical and powerful, are traits that this function Object possesses. Choose from professionally designed themes and pair them with bespoke HTML pages. It incorporates your unique touch and creates a more detailed appearance.

Never be concerned about being constrained by particular constraints. As you can and will seize complete control of your website, You may have your active page up and running in minutes.

Managing and updating your church or ministry profile will be a piece of cake from then on. Start with the 14-day free trial and work your way up from there. Once you’ve experienced Ning’s enchantment, you’ll never want to leave.

IM Creator

Image Showing Im Creator Logo

First and foremost, an IM creator transforms you into a creator, even if you have no prior experience designing or developing websites. No issue. This tool is full of functionality, components, and convenience. You will have a great time.

You may efficiently utilize IM Creator. Your number one church website builder, and begin making a difference. For your knowledge, IM Creator is a free piece of software. Later on, you may subscribe to an annual premium subscription and take things to the next level.

You may update while on the road with the XPRS app. There are no limits to the number of pages you may create since IM Creator scales with you.

You may also set up a blog and create fantastic galleries. And customize the appearance to your liking.


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