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What is VPS Hosting? Why Every Website Owner Need This? Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting

by rigotechnology

What is VPS Hosting? Why Every Website Owner Need This? Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting

If you are facing issues like website slow speed or server down when Traffic rises and your Blogs start ranking, but after a few days, it disappears you must need to Upgrade to Cloud-Based VPS Hosting.

Then There is some Question appear

  1. What is VPS? Why We Need This?
  2. Is this better than shared Hosting that I am currently using?

1. What is VPS? Why We Need This?

So first of all, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is the most Popular Hosting for your Website. VPS packed with hosting resources the same as a dedicated server. So you are the only one who is using your part of server resource that makes your Website blazing fast and smooth and secure.

VPS is fully packed with high tech security pre-sets. You can just simply install it with One Click or customize it according to your requirements. This is the reason Why VPS is secured, stable, Fast Hosting under your budget

VPS Hosting has a commonly famous on those websites with a median level of Traffic, which exceeds shared hosting plan storage and not too much Traffic for the Dedicated Server. Hosting Companies usually offer multiple VPS hosting Plan that suits your hosting needs.

2. Is this better than shared Hosting that I am currently using?

  • Website slow Speed
  • Traffic rises and server crushes due to resource limitations.

If you are using Shared hosting from the good Company, then maybe the first scenario not happen. But your Website starts to grow, and you are getting good Traffic daily, then the second issue must arise, and it becomes unavoidable. It also impacts your SEO ranking start decreasing and just disappears—that time, you need to move to the best VPS hosting Plan possible for You.

VPS Hosting how it works?

As we Know, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The server is a computer where hosting Provider store website files and database. So whenever a user comes to the Website, they access website content because the server sends required data through the internet to the user browser. VPS works like a physicals server, but it is also a shared server.

Hosting Company installs a virtual layer on the Server operating system. This virtual Layer divides a server into some partition, and each partition you can install a new OS and software.

VPS separated from another server because of the OS level. It gives you compete for control over your space like a private dedicated server. VPS is like Creating partitions on your computer or laptop when you need more than one OS like Bootcamp in macOS.

In VPS, you also get root-level access like you have a dedicated server. VPS gives you secures container with resources like Disk space, RAM, CPU core, and these are private no now can access that.

Comparing VPS to another hosting service

There are different types of web hosting Plans present in the market. All different levels of customization on the server. They have different price, Performance, Response time, Uptime. Below you can find how VPS is different than any other hosting services.

VPS VS Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a starting point for many small businesses, bloggers, an e-commerce site with lower Traffic. In Shared Plan hosting company split, the same server for many other Websites. In shared hosting, you don’t get your own dedicated private space or os. You all website share the same server resource and same os and software.

So computing power and memory of your Website is affected by other websites. If your Website gets a sudden hike in Traffic, because of many Websites hosted on the same server, it increases your Website speed time and maybe crushes. There are also some restrictions over how many resources you can use from that server.

On the other hand in VPS we also shared the same server but we all have our own OS, Resource, Computing power that can not be access by other users from the same server. If your website gets traffic than it doesn’t affect other users also.

Shared hosting is like renting a room with the number of roommates, and VPS is like a flat in a building.

VPS VS Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is mostly used by a big Website that has a lot of Traffic. With Cloud Hosting, your Website is not hosted on a single server rather than on clusters that have many servers. Each server in the Cloud has the same copy of your Website. When one of your servers is too busy because of Traffic, then load balancing cluster automatic redirect traffic from Server A to server B without losing any traffic.

VPS and Cloud hosting both are different from each other and their target audience.

VPS VS WordPress hosting

WordPress Hosting is all ashamed Hosting but especially for WordPress website. WordPress hosting packed with WordPress related software and features. There are pre-install plugins, and you can simply install WordPress with one click. The server has configured according to WordPress.

You can also connect your WordPress website on VPS. But You can’t get the custom build WordPress server like in VPS hosting. But you can configure VPS for WordPress website.

VPS Vs Dedicated server

In a dedicated server, you rent an entire server for your Website. If you have a high traffic website, then a dedicated server is the best option for you. The dedicated server is fastest, secure, and flexible but with a very high price tag. So there is no need to buy this for a small or medium website.

VPS Pros and Cons


  1. VPS gives you Full Root Access to your server.
  2. It is Faster, secure, and more reliable than any shared hosting.
  3. Traffic surges issue don’t affect your Website
  4. Your database, files are protected, locked from other server users, and gives you better Privacy.
  5. If your Website grows, then you can easily upgrade your VPS plans (Resources) like CPU core, RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth.
  6. Best uptime, and it gives the best processing power and RAM that they promise.


  1. Little More expensive than shared Hosting, but it worth it because your audience grows.

When is the best time to upgrade into Vps

  1. The First case – If you are using the most expensive or Advance Shared hosting Plan, and it is still not enough to run your Website smoothly and manage traffic surges. Then VPS hosting will be the next step to upgrade your Hosting. VPS have all software, power, and resource to manage your Website. Usually blogging Website is significant because they post a lot of online content daily because of that, they generate instant traffic spikes.
  2. Second Case -Buy a VPS Hosting plan right from the beginning of your site. Like you want to start a blogging website, and you have a good team that able to generate the right amount of Traffic in just a few months then start with VPS.
  3. Third Case – If you want to start an E-commerce business online. The Website needs a secure, stable, and private server to save your user payment information or any kind of sensitive data than VPS Hosting helps you secure your Website from security breaches and hacking.

How to get VPS

If you already decide to upgrade your Hosting with fast VPS hosting, then are there are few things you will have to notice.

If you start looking for VPS hosting Plan and you find out are a lot of plans. All plans divided by Ram, CPU Core, Disk space, Bandwidth.

The difference with all VPS plan is like buying a new PC. Buy that computer that fulfills your needs with hardware.

  1. Plan 1 – If going to first time host your Website, then you can go with this Plan. This is a basic plan and more than enough space and power to handle a new website.
  2. Plan 2 – If you want to move to VPS from shared Hosting due to traffic and resource issue, then please check what your need is and which Plan will suit you.
    If you don’t know which one will suit you, then go for the SSD VPS 2 plan or contact technical support.

Migrate Website from Shared Hosting to VPS

The first thing you have to do when migrating your Website from Shared Hosting to VPS is to find out your requirements is this because of performance, Disk Space, Protection.

If your Website is getting to much Traffic and your host not able to hold this because of that, your bounce rate starts increasing, SEO rank starts decreasing, Website page speed keeps rising, Ad revenue starts dropping because add is not loading. Than Upgrade your Hosting as soon as possible.

The Problem is with shared Hosting they are cheap, and if you reed the configuration, then you see everything is unlimited there, so people think this can handle million of Traffic. But this is not the case here. There are some policies you can only use the utilize disk space and Bandwidth in the regular operation of a personal or small business website.

If You exceed usage, then your Website down. or maybe the charge you extra. Basically I’m saying is Shared hosting is only for small websites with small traffic.

But With VPS, if you choose a plan with a configuration then you get it what they told you. As I mentioned, it is upgradable. These days there are a lot of VPS hosting plans that will suit your requirement. The shared hosting Plan usually starts at $5 per month. When it comes to Virtual Private server Plan, it begins at around $6 for basic, and standard will cost your approximately $10 to $15 per month.

VPS Hosting plan looks expensive than shared Hosting, but believe me, it worth it because of how snappy, secure, and fast it is. Because of its performance, it reduces website speed, Page load faster, so the Bounce rate decreases, SEO ranking will be stable, and you get more Traffic than shared Hosting. When this happens, your revenue increases.

Hosting providers like Exabytes also give you free website migration service so just need to purchase VPS and enjoy fats speed.

VPS Hosting Benefits

VPS Hosting Benefits
  • For High Traffic Website – As we mentioned earlier, VPS is the best option that can hold traffic surge. Blog website, E-commerce or when you ran an ad on Adword
  • If you stream Online- A VPS is the best option if you are producing online class, Vlogs, digital Conference or broadcast, or for gaming.
  • If you are a domain reseller or Hosting reseller – VPS is the best option and shared hosting. It Letting you implement detour, c-panel that drive more sales.
  • EMail- server– In VPS, you get full control over email, And it is more secure.
  • Sandbox – If you want to build, test, and deploy your app, software before launching to the mass customer, then VPN is the best option for you.

VPS Plan Price

There are different types of VPS Hosting.

1. Linux SSD VPS Hosting

KVM based VPS gives you private own space where every resource and power is Only for You. There are a lot a Linux SSD VPS Plans

Linux VPS Plan PRICE

2. SSD Windows VPS Hosting

SSD Windows VPS Hosting Price

3. Plesk SSD VPS

Exabytes SSD VPS and Plesk Obsidian Price

4. Forex VPS Plan

Forex VPS Plans Price


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