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5 Best WordPress Themes To Use

by rigotechnology


If you’re planning to build your website with a website builder such as Elementor, then you would need to choose a theme for your WordPress website. Currently, there are more than a thousand WordPress themes in the market, which WordPress theme should I be using for my business?

In this article, I will be sharing our top 5 WordPress Themes you should use as well as the best WordPress theme in our opinion.

  1. Blocksy Theme
  2. Kadence Theme
  3. Neve Theme
  4. GeneratePress Theme
  5. Astra Theme
  6. Best WordPress Theme in 2021

#1 Blocksy Theme

Blocksy Theme is a lightweight WordPress theme developed to work well with Gutenberg editor. While their primary focus is on Gutenberg editor, you can still use it on most page builders such as Elementor. With Blocksy you can have peace in mind that your website will be light-weight, fast, and optimized for SEO.


Benefits of Blocksy Theme

Blocksy theme is lightweight, this means that it will be much easier for you to make your website load faster. If you’re new to website design, using Blocksy as your WordPress theme will make your life much easier because Blocksy has made their interface easy to understand and use, even if you are relatively new to WordPress.

If you are a fan of Light and Dark Mode, Blocksy is the best choice for you. With Blocksy, it makes it easy for you to set up Light and Dark Mode on your website in just a couple of minutes.

The header and footer builder provided by Blocksy is awesome. It’s easy to customise your header and you can even add in custom HTML if they do not provide an element you wish to add on your header.


Disadvantage of Blocksy Theme

At the moment, there are only 13 starter sites you can choose from. Compared with other WordPress themes, the number of starter sites offered by Blocksy is relatively low as there are way more varieties for you to choose from on other WordPress themes such as Neve. If this is not an issue for you, Blocksy is still a great deal to consider.


If you plan to go for the premium version of Blocksy – Blocksy Pro, it may be a little pain in your pocket. While Blocksy do offer Lifetime subscription with unlimited licences, it is slightly pricey as compared with other WordPress themes in the market.


#2 Kadence Theme

Kadence Theme is another WordPress theme that is highly recommended in the WordPress community. Kadence Theme aims to provide modern designs and features to your website while still having a lightning-fast website speed.


Benefits of Kadence Theme

Same as Blocksy Theme, Kadence Theme is also easy-to-use for beginners given that they provide a drag-and-drop header & footer builder. Having a drag-and-drop builder will help make it easier for users to understand how they can customise it.


Also, Kadence Theme provides detailed customisation for your website such as setting global color pallets, enabling multiple menus, global typography, custom layouts and more.


What makes Kadence stand out is their level of support given to their users. The support team is experienced and knowledgeable, and are quick to understand the problem you’re facing with their theme, then taking additional initiative to make sure the problem is solved.

Disadvantage of Kadence Theme

The only downside for Kadence theme is the cost of their Lifetime Subscription (USD599) if you plan to go for the premium version. Compared with other themes that provide lifetime subscription, Kadence has the highest price tag among all. Overall the free version is more than enough for most people, but if you need more advanced features, then you would have to take this into factor.

#3 Neve

Neve is another WordPress theme that we recommend if you’re looking for a fast and mobile responsive website. What we like about Neve is that they provide a decent number of free starter sites that are professionally designed for you to choose from. If you go with the premium version, there are more than 100 unique starter sites that are meant for a specific industry such as pet shop, medical industry, financial industry, SaaS industry, and more.


Benefits of Neve Theme

Compared with other trending WordPress themes in the market, Neve is considered one of the more stable themes where it has been in the market for quite some time before Blocksy Theme, Kadence Theme enter the market. That is also the reason why there are so many starter sites provided by Neve.


For me, Neve is much simpler to use among the remaining 4 themes recommended in this article. Neve also gives you the ability to customise your website header, footer, and layout exactly the way you wanted it to be, making it one of the highly customisable themes you can get in the market.


Disadvantage of Neve

The only downside for Neve is that the website speed on mobile devices is not as good as desktop views.


#4 GeneratePress

GeneratePress is another light-weight and highly customisable WordPress theme that is designed for bloggers and web developers. GeneratePress performs well in terms of website speed, SEO, user friendliness, as well as their pricing.


Advantage of GeneratePress Theme

The main selling point for GeneratePress is their ability to provide designs that are lightweight and mobile responsive, ensuring that your website will load fast. In addition, with its ability to add hooks and filters without the need to make changes to the theme files make it a good reason for developers to consider using GeneratePress.

GeneratePress provides extensive documentation for their theme. This is something good for the users because most of the issues they may be facing can be found there with proper solutions to it.


Disadvantage of GeneratePress Theme

If you are planning to go with the free version of GeneratePress, the features you will be receiving are extremely limited. This means that you won’t be able to customise your website as freely as you wish.

Another disadvantage we discover from GeneratePress is that most of their starter sites are dated. Therefore, if you wish to have a nice website design, it may be harder for you to achieve it through GeneratePress.

#5 Astra Theme

Astra Theme is another famous WordPress theme that is used by more than 1,00,000 websites all around the world. Astra is the perfect WordPress theme that you can use for your portfolio, online shop, blog, and even your business. With Astra, you can use it with any of your preferred page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, WPBakery, Brizy, and more.



Benefits of Astra Theme

Astra Theme, like other WordPress themes we recommend here, is very easy to use, giving you a reasonable amount of customisation even on the free version. With Astra, you can customise your website’s global styling, header, footer, sidebar, and even WooCommerce pages.


There are also a lot of free starter sites you can use to choose from with Astra Theme. Each starter site is designed specifically for a certain type of industry. If you are not planning to pay any money on WordPress themes, this may be a good choice for you to consider.


Disadvantage of Astra Theme

If you are looking for more customizations on your header and footer, then Astra may not be a good choice for you as the styling options provided for headers and footers are slightly limited as compared with other themes.


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