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Penetration Testing

Our aim is to identify security flaws in your network, systems and applications. We strive to produce sound and actionable advice.


We save your business by simulating real-world hacker attempts to identify security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Top Notch Expertise

Rigo Technology has experienced and certified experts. Certs include: CISA, CISSP, CEH, CPTE and more.

In Depth Research

Rigo Team security research will help you to fight cyber crimes.

Your Business is at Risk - do you know that?

Cybercrime has grown to be a business more lucrative than the drug trafficking
Business Risk

Manual and deep level Penetration Testing

A Complete Security Assessment Solution

Most of the pen-testers complete their job based on automated testing tools. We have a different approach to pen-testing. We start from the semi-automated tools to get an overview of the situation, but we go deep into the application by manually crawling and testing each and every part of the web application.

In addition to the system, settings and code level testing, we also test underlying business logic to give you a comprehensive security advice.

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Continuous Security Monitoring

Delivering real-time protection to help organizations strengthen their security posture in the face of today’s emerging threats.

Our cutting-edge approach to cyber security helps you protect your critical data and client information for:  24 Hours  7 Weeks  365 Days Providing monitoring, correlation, alerting, and threat intelligence services.

Rigo brings together state-of-the-art technology and a detailed global threat perspective to deliver a true end-to-end view of risks to your network.

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Patch - Management

One windows solution to your security need

Knowing your vulnerability and risk is one part of the job and immediately after identification of the vulnerability comes the expert job to fix them.

We help you fix the security loopholes and vulnerabilities in your web application. You do not have to work with multiple service providers for the same job. This way you save your money and time to explain the findings to another party.

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System and Compliance Audit

ISACA Standards, COBIT, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, NRB Guidelines

We carry out Information System Audit which helps to strengthen your System Security, IT Governance and Compliance with standards and Acts.

We do compliance audits ranging from ISACA Standards, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NRB IT Guidelines and may other Acts in and outside US.

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Complete Security Solution

Rigo - Leading IT Security Firm of Nepal

When you are dealing with new technology, thinking about system migration or strengthening your system by adopting new technology, we help you to make the best decisions for your organizations.

When making new investments, it is important to ensure that your business strategy and IT strategy are aligned and the system is viable in the long run. We help you ensure that you are in the right position and direction.

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Our Team of Experts

We are here to help protect your business

We assure you for the best business class security solutions. Most of the penetration testing solution providers use automated tools to generate testing report, which in most cases is useless or not comprehensive to address the security risks in your web site or application. We follow a unique and manual approach in penetration testing through which you can rest assured about the security of your application.

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Rigo Technology Security Operation Center

Our Experts have helped to Improve Security

As a Security Research Company, our team does continuous security research

We have helped top social and various other companies around the world in strengthening the security in their web applications. Thus,we help them to make their web application secure and protect the public or client data stored by them.

Our Experts have been featured in

Rigo's Experts have been featured in various platforms and media ranging from The Register, M&S VMAG, Ekantipur and various other news portals.

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